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  1. Hi Here are my case details applied in Houston, Texas 10/11/2016 Applied for N-400, Application for Naturalization 10/13/2016 USCIS received Form N-400, Application for Naturalization 10/24/2016 USCIS scheduled for a fingerprint (Biometrics) 11/09/2016 Biometrics done My online status still says "On October 24, 2016, we scheduled you for a fingerprint appointment". I contacted everyone my area Congressman, Senator, Ombudsman but all they say is "USCIS is unable to provide a specific time frame for resolution of the case". I called USCIS 800 number and they say my case is still within Priority date which currently is September 3, 2016 and so will not open a service request. I am kind of stuck now please let me know what other options do I have. I was not expecting that long of a time I have other folks who applied after me and they already got there passports. It's very frustrating. Thanks