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  1. Centepede

    H1B Admin Processing Change of employer

    If employer A ends up revoking the visa then Employer B is your current employer. If you are still getting paid by A and Employer B has not been joined by you - Employer A is your current employer.
  2. As long as you have a receipt or approval , there is no problem
  3. State of Massachusetts does not have this law. Some useful websites : - This This and That - Check your property management is being reported in the past here Even if you dont chose to rent there, I'd encourage you to file a complain.
  4. Centepede

    H1B - RFE for CIvil Engineer during OPT

    What's your Question ?
  5. Centepede

    H1B Transfer while offshore

    There is no "transfer" of H1 as you do not have any "active" H1.
  6. Centepede

    H1 Visa - Question on Visa status

    Travel out of US is no problem. Re-entry is not guaranteed. There is not legal writing about it but i'd recommend file extension upon return OR before flying out of US.
  7. Centepede

    Multiple H1's got picked

    You can receive an approval from both and then make a choice of your own to chose an employer to join. Other employer needs to be notified then and they will start the revoke process. In this process, if you have signed any agreement which can be used against you and/or constituting to Liquidated Damage, Please review it carefully for the employer whom you'd deny.
  8. If B petition is approved and you are still employed with A --> You can use A paychecks for C. If C petition gets approved you have a choice to either join B or C. any one that you shall chose becomes your active petition. A and rejected one (B or C ) will begin Revoking.
  9. Centepede

    H1B transfer, while extension is in progress

    Personally, I have not heard or encountered any such rule which states Transfer can not be processed if extension is in progress. In my opinion, it shouldn't matter. I'd tag @pontevecchio @JoeF and many other gurus who may have better insight here.
  10. 1. Yes 2. Not required. 3. B Has no proceedings on petition by C as the Transfer was already initiated from A -> C while B was not approved.
  11. Centepede

    H-1B Transfer to new employer

    As long as your petition is filed and you have a receipt, you stay in status until decision is received. Once the petition is filed and accepted at USCIS facility your 60 days grace period doesn't have any counting, days cease to be added once petition is filed and received. Joining on a receipt is common practice but with added scrutiny time these days it's deemed risky however since you are out of job anyways it doesn't matter to you. Atleast you would start getting your paycheck and keep working even-through RFE process(if it happens). If it's get denied, your 60 day counter will re-start. Keep interviewing and keep yourself in the market until approval.
  12. Centepede

    H1B Transfer to another company

    If you have not notified company x + they have not notified USCIS for revoking H1 = You are in status.
  13. Centepede

    Question about delaying my H1b extension filing

    In my opinion, stick to normal processing and make changes later. Doing that adds few months to you getting GC in hand but it doesn't look like a manipulated process followed to obtain a GC via marriage to Chinese Citizen. Once again, my opinion has no legalities but only assumptions.
  14. Centepede

    Hi1b Denied

    Expired I94 + Denied H1B you are out of status.
  15. Centepede

    H1B extension with 6 months Contract

    Doesn't matter much with respect to term. In a consulting role with a distant you and client relationship your petition will be looked at "very carefully" before proceeding with a decision.