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  1. People get ideas from experiences encountered. While it's perfectly fine to travel the recommendations made are public opinions without any legal bindings to it.
  2. ICE is out of bounds in the context of this question. USCIS , May be ! But, Will definitely be in case of revoking the peitions due to consequences that are more initiated by an employer than USCIS themselves which is "Termination of Employment"
  3. 1) If your verdict was "Not guilty" ? Why would you "Assume" you are not guilty. You are not guilty, period. 2) You were not convicted, why say Yes ? This post tells me there is a confusion regarding "Conviction" vs "Verdict" . Please be aware, you are not convicted. Conviction is the verdict that is followed by the law to sentence a punishment. I think your response and actual court documents created a conflict warranting "Admin Processing". The processing time really varies case by case basis and it can range ( no legal mention of such duration) from 30 to 180+ days
  4. 1. No 2. No 3. Questions Does not make sense. You are changing from OPT to H1B that's the petition you filed for H1B. That serves as your COS petition. If your H1B is approved which CHange of Status you are referring to will be rejected ? 4. RFE needs a response to specific questions raised. I94 may need to be updated , consult your immigration attorney at employer. Your Repeat Thread which was responded to earlier. While there is no legal mention , It's not recommended to travel on OPT, let alone OPT with RFE.
  5. RFE

    This is a good point. I had RFE recently as well regarding Job Responsibilities and defining how my prior MS education ( be aware that my MS degree was 12 years ago) supports this role. I actually wrote 10 lines myself and sent to an immigration attorney. They said it tremendously helped and plan to use it in more "furnished legal" language.
  6. In the past, I have gone to local international airport and to DHS office to get my I-94 corrected. I read on Murthy forum that local DHS offices do not do that any more. However, I faced this problem myself in June 2017 and went to see them in April 2018 without realizing earlier and they "took care of it". I verified my records online after 24-48 hours as recommended to me and It was a done deal.
  7. Depends what kind of property you have. Business,residential,agricultural etc. If it's residential, You can assign the authority to sign sale. If it's anything else there are locally regulated laws per state and contact town offices just to be super sure.
  8. You need an employer to file H1 petition for you. If it's a same employer no issues but if the employer this time is different than the one who filed your original petition needs to agree to port your priority date by filing your PERM and I140 again.
  9. Employer needs to file a petition for your H1 and pay for it. It's illegal to ask employee to pay for it.
  10. I have heard students were told to wait 4-8 weeks but in your case it's a year which is much longer. Meet DMV officer in charge(registrar)
  11. Why were you asked to pay ? Did he really file and you have any receipt number ? Any confirmation that USCIS really got your petition ? If you file a complaint with DOL with details of your application you will get help.
  12. RFE

    This needs to be handled by your employer and immigration attorney. "You" personally have nothing to respond to.
  13. You can join on receipt. Revoking your previous H1 by previous employer has no proceedings on the petition filed by by your current employer. If there is RFE for your petition by current employer you can still continue working. But, if that's rejected then you may have different set of problems to deal with.
  14. It is recommended to H1 aspirants who are coming off OPT to not travel abroad during the status is in transition. Add a fact that it's in RFE gives all the more stronger recommendation to stay put until RFE is responded and approved. Legally, nothing stops you from leaving US and travel overseas but return is not guaranteed on OPT.
  15. I140 withdrawal is much complicated and demands much harsher reasoning than just "revoking" the petition. Employers do not indulge themselves in it in "normal" circumstances. Once I-140 is approved, withdrawal has no benefit to employer and their is no legal binding to do so unlike H1 Withdrawals. Common Practice, to discuss this prior with current employer and mention that new employer will be taking it over later at some point in time.