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  1. Centepede

    Stimulus cheque for H1B

    Aha, Got it now. Thanks for clarifying !
  2. I got my receipt , Today 06/08
  3. Centepede

    Stimulus cheque for H1B

    How can H1B Receive stimulus cheque ?
  4. Centepede

    H1b laid off need advice

    Can you please elaborate on this ?
  5. Legally, Yes. Historically, employers & candidates were fine to join on FedEx receipt. Fast-forward 2020 : with unpredictable nature of Visa Petitions' decision it is the least favorite choice now. it's your decision as long as employer agrees : And, you both assume risks associated .
  6. Same Situation : Vermont Center , My petition was filed on 05/14. Waiting further ...
  7. I have exact same line written in my offer letter. And, these are Fortune 100 companies. In my conversation, i was asked by my Lawyer friend (1) To your knowledge, has petitioner made any financial arrangements /commitments that you personally witnessed or signed on in good faith ? (2) To your knowledge, has petitioner informed you in written communication about any financial arrangements/ commitments that are contingent on your offer acceptance? (3) To your knowledge, has petitioner asked your authorized consent to such arrangements/commitments? I answered "No" to all and i was told Not to worry about anything.
  8. Centepede

    H1b transfer COVID timelines

    All Legal experts will point you here : https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/ based on which field office you applied at and adhere to timelines as stated here. But, we all know once offices open on June 4th (hopefully) these timelines will drastically change - Not sure in which direction though.
  9. I have done this twice in last 5 years, In my experience : Company A : Charged me fraction of Legal fees and I thought it would be lot but was surprised to know it was just $94, No idea what was it. And since it was that less didn't bother to go any legal route. Company B : Didn't charge a dime.
  10. Centepede

    H1B transfer receipt number

    Ideally, I would have mentioned give it a week or max two weeks but No set timelines given current situation. In my current observation with 4 people i know personally, receipt # has taken 2 weeks the least and 4 weeks the max. Wishing you the best for your transfer.
  11. Centepede


    During such situation, employers inform you about (1) Separation Date (2) Termination Date. Most likely , they are different. Legally, both the dates are informed to USCIS. Your 60 day period starts on the "Termination Date". Separation Date is the date when, Employer Informed Employee of relieving of all duties as mentioned on the offer under "At Will" employment clause. Termination Date is the date negotiable , i.e. Either (1) Same day as Separation date (2) Last Severance paycheck date or (3) Any date agreed upon between employer and employee before Last severance Paycheck date AND after Separation date. I have been laid off in the past and dealt with such situation with immigration attorneys. And, requested my then employer to make my last severance paycheck date as my termination date which is informed to USCIS as my last day starting which I get 60 days.
  12. Would not bother any of the process. Severance pay should be specified in certain manner on your paystub which is outside of your hourly wage.
  13. Centepede

    H1B Denial - Corporate Recklessness

    I am sincerely sad to read this through. I can understand the emotions behind it. The sense of being crushed overnight is real. I am sorry for you. 3) Since you have I140 approved you have 60 days grace period to find a new employer. 4) No. You have no say in this process. 5) I94 expiration is going to conflict with your 60 days grace period. I94 date holds precedence over Grace period. 6) Yes, having an I40 approved is your leverage and employers who are willing to invest in you will see that as a +ve giving you an upperhand. 7) I140 once approved and priority date is issues, consider that as your personal property. Until you lapse that period after it becomes current you own it. Make sure you find an employer before it becomes current and the one willing to take it over. Once again, m sorry and if you are around Boston area and need help with anything PM me to contact me.
  14. Centepede

    H1B Transfer deinial

    The details of Company B vs Company A Role, SOC codes etc details matter just in general context. During Company A H1 renewal the rejection you had for Company B's petition will not hold any bar. What Company A has filed as your Role, Job description, SOC codes, Title change(if any), your skills will be prime factors.
  15. Centepede

    3 Job Offers

    Roger that @poojB Sometimes a Dr needs his own medicine ::)