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  1. jkolati

    N-400 Online application status

    Just want to give update on my case status. I got my interview letter on June 14th with interview date as July 18th. I am done with my interview and waiting for Oath letter.
  2. Here is what I did. I have registered in https://egov.uscis.gov/ and added my N-400 receipt#. There are check boxes for email and text message updates. However my case status in this site still shows as application received and receipt notice was mailed but in reality I have completed my biometrics too which is not reflecting in this site. I think you already did that.
  3. Thanks Veni001. Will do that. When I call 1800, can I just ask for L2 officer? When I checked processing times for me field office... here is what it says Field Office Processing Dates for Philadelphia PA as of: October 31, 2017 N-400 Application for Naturalization January 24, 2017 Last Updated: January 5, 2018 I don't how frequently they update :(
  4. Wow that's long. Looks like I am also on the same boat. My wife got interview date but I didn't. It's been 8 weeks(11/17/2017) since I got my biometrics done. Online status still says "Received your application and mailed the receipt number". Will wait for couple more weeks then will take infopass.
  5. jkolati

    N-400 Online application status

    Thanks Leman. I am trying to get info pass on the date of my wife's date of interview. I will update this post on my future case status.
  6. Hi, I have applied for CITIZENSHIP for my wife and myself at the same time on Oct 23rd 2017. My wife got interview letter also. I have finished my biometrics on 11/26/2017. But when I checked my application status online, it is still showing as "We received your application and mailed receipt notice etc.". Where as my wife's application statuses, I could see all the stages like, 1) Received your application and mailed receipt notice. 2) Mailed bio-metrics appointment. 3) Received bio-metrics and reviewing them. 4) mailed interview letter But mine is still showing as application received. No further updates. I am worried that if they mailed my interview letter and if it is missed, then it will be an issue. Does anyone having similar issue? Any steps taken to resolve it? Please let me know.