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  1. Thank you for your time and reply.
  2. Hi All, Thank you for reading my post, I traveled to USA in 2014 on B1 Visa and my H1 visa transfer was also completed during that time. Hence, successfully did Change Of Status (Cos) from B1 to H1B and worked for 6 months on H1B and returned to my home country, now, my H1B is also expired. Will my B1 visa still valid (after CoS from B1 to H1B in 2014?) My B1 actual expiry is Oct 2019. I have a business requirement to travel to USA in 2 months. Any information or clarity will be of very much helpful. Also, any other ways to check my B1 visa status online? Thank you.
  3. Hi All, I worked in USA during below dates. Please advice on CAP Exempt scenario for me? L1B Visa: Company A March 2010 - February 2013 (Actual Approval Dates) & June 2010 - December 2011 (Actual Working Dates) - Total 1.5 Years on L1B Moved to H1B from L1B: H1B Company B (1st time H1B) - Revoked in Oct 2013, after I left this. November 2011 - November 2014 (Actual Approval Dates) & January 2012 - September 2013 (Actual Working Dates) - 1.9 Years on 1st H1B Moved back to my home country in September 2013. H1B Company C (2nd time H1B) - Revoked in June 2015, after I left this. November 2014 - June 2016 (Actual Approval Dates) & November 2014 - May 2015 (Actual Working Dates) - 7 Months on 2nd H1B Moved back to my home country in June 2015. 1) Will I come under CAP Exempt, if my new employer wants to file a new H1B? 2) Do I have to count my L1B stay of 1.5 years as well (as part of my CAP of 6 years), because my first H1B actually approved in November 2011. 3) Will I get CAP Exempt of 2 years (L1B+H1B=4 years) or 3.5 Years (Only H1B=2.5 years)? Thank you all for looking into it.
  4. Hi All, I was working in USA on L1B visa from 2010 June till Dec 2011 (18 Months - L1B). Then I got my first H1B in Jan 2012 and started working on H1B. (20 Months - H1B - 1st employer) August 2013, I went back to India and re-entered USA and Changed employer with new approved I797 & worked from November 2014 till June 2015. (8 Months - H1B - 2nd employer). Total L1B+ H1B (2 employers) = Exactly 4 years (46 months) worked in USA for different clients and with different employers. Latest I797+I94 petition which was approved (Nov 2014 till June 2016) but was revoked in June 2015 as I decided to go back to India in June 2015. 1. Do I still come under CAP Exempt right now (2018) based on the above details? 2. Can I still use or apply for new H1B - left over 2 years (out of total 6 years)? 3. I have an employer who is offering me a job in USA and ready to file for H1B under CAP exempt now (March 2018), So, is it advisable to go for New H1B in April 2018 (with lottery system) for new 6 years (3+3) or take chances with CAP Exempt for rest 2 years with 140 in mind? Any of your inputs or suggestions will be of great help. Thank you so much in advance for your time in reading this. USA actual working dates: L1B - June 2010 till Dec 2011 H1B (1) - Jan 2012 till August 2013 H1B (2) - Nov 2014 till June 2015. -- Mohan
  5. Mohan2324

    COS from B1 to H1B in 2014

    B1 visa actual expiration is in 2019
  6. Mohan2324

    COS from B1 to H1B in 2014

    Hi Experts, I did COS from B1 to H1B in 2014 and my H1B I797 approved with I94. Now, my B1 visa is still valid or will be considered as lapse? My H1b also expired in 2017 and I am out of USA now. I have a requirement to travel back to USA for a month's training. Please let me know. Thank you.
  7. Thank you for your kind response adshah84
  8. I moved back to India in June 2015 itself.
  9. Hi All, I worked and stayed in USA during below periods on both L1B and H1B for TOTAL of 4 Years. Will I be considered as CAP Exempted, as I did not use the last year of latest approved I797 petition? Also, I did not have the stamping done in 2015 as I was in USA only during filing. L1B Stay&Work in USA - June 2010 - December 2011 - 1.5 Years H1B Stay&Work in USA - January 2012 - Septeber 2013 - 1.9 Years H1B Stay& Work in USA - November 2014 - June 2015 - 8 Months (Actual Approved dates are 01st November 2014 - 06th June 2016) (Revoked my latest H1B petition by employer in June 2015 but actually approved till June 2016) Can a new potential employer file for my new H1B under CAP exempted any time of the year? Thank you so much. -- Mohan