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  1. Hi Law Firm, If Indian Citizen and his Family (also Indian) visit Bahama through Cruise (via Florida to Bahamas) for a week and return to U.S Does he and his family gets updated or new I-94 ? Does he and his Family gets stamping in Passport for such visit ? This visit is thro Stamped L1 Visa. If none applicable how its recorded
  2. Hi, My I94 and EAD (Advance Parole) is expiring Apri-2019 Do i need to renew both EAD and L1 ? or one. If so which one ?
  3. Hi, Need your inputs on scenario, if I need to get a affidavit of my name indicating that Ramkrishnan R or Ramkrishnan Rajaram or Ramkrishnan R.J are the same person need to be signed by self using India Affidavit ? My school certificates are listed as Ramkrishnan R and Driving License as Ramkrishnan R.J and even my father name in my Indian Driving License indicated with name and initial not expanded. This is the way my record was maintained hence would like to know this being record from INDIA how I need to handle this to indicate to USCIS that all listed doccumnts belong to same person (but I never changed my name). All this document I am producing as secondary document for Date of Bith but they have may name with initial. I am in U.S, if i need this affidavit to be signed in INDIA what the step i need to follow and who need to sign it in such situation
  4. RamKrishnan

    Indian Consulate Date Of Birth Proof for RFE to USCIS

    Do you mean to say to submit all the below documents 1.Original NABC document from Local Government Authority 2.Supporting Affidavits 3.Original Date Of Birth Document from INDIAN Consulate To USCIS, is my understanding correct ?. Please advice
  5. Hi, Have a RFE to produce non availability of Birth Certificate with local government Letter head including reason and if similar record for the time and place are available. Initially produced the affidavit (from Parent) indicating reason of non registration of Birth and submitted to USCIS Also given Marksheet (School 10th and 12 th Grade) which had Date of Birth to USCIS . After substitution got this RFE I came to know recently that Indian Consulate in Newyork gives original Date of Birth on request (even if non registered with local government authority during birth time (in India city)) 1.Is India Consulate @ NewYork "Date Of Birth Certificate" is accepted by USCIS ? Looks like India Consulate @ Newyork provides Original Date of Birth Certificate based on Passport Details (which is same as what i want) but this Date of Birth Certificate is not from local Municipal Government organization where I was born .. Hence looking for your advice if this document holds good for USCIS in such case of RFE ? 2. The Local Municipal registrar of India have a Standard Template for Non-Availability of Date of Birth non registration. Like the format of template, will not contain reason why my birth was not registered (but that reason is already declared in my Affidavit from my father) which will not come in Government letter (but RFE asks to put reason in same Government letter) 3. Also information expected from USCIS like "if same information for DOB for indicated time and place are available" will not come into government letter head. Local authority (Municipal Office Birth recording office in INDIA) have particular format which they publish, will not contain all information required by USCIS. Whats need to be done ? Please advice
  6. RamKrishnan

    DOB Certificate for I-485 Processing for Self

    What do you rec emend from your side for this situation .I was thinking of going by self with India Notarized document to know if this fulfill the requirement. Please advice with both options
  7. Hi, Filled for I-140 under EB1 category and got acknowledgement number for I-140 which is current date have following question Trying to File I-485 for Self and Family in parallel For I-485 1. For myself I don't have DOB Certificate with me and my Parents are too old to get the DOB certificate from different place in INDIA I was born Hence would like to know, your advice on current situation A. If I have the INDIA court Notarized Affidavit (containing my Parent name and my name same as my Passport and DOB matching the Passport details) Does that works. My Parent can get the Court Notarized Affidavit). B. Do I need to indicate the reason why my parent were not able to collect the DOB Certificate from required Municipal due to his job (during my birth) where he have been moving in to different places in INDIA , reason also to be indicated ? same Notary if required. I do understand that the municipality were able to provide DOB certificate it just that my parent did not collect it @ that time . Let me know (My Spouse and kids have DOB certificate but I am doing this Notary for self)