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  1. The school tuition for Masters was paid by my father wholly from India. But my husband claimed it, since I was his dependant (H-4) as a deduction in his income taxes. I would like to know whether that amounts to tax fraud.
  2. Edited question - my apologies. Please let me know whether the same answer stands. @pontevecchio Confirming tax laws and wondering whether the source of the money matters, or just what was spent on the tuition.
  3. My H1B petition was approved 3 years back, while I was in India with a reputed MNC and I resigned. I did not get to the stamping part of the process. I have the petition receipt number only. In the USCIS website, it has an 'approved' status. I arrived to US in H4 visa, transferred over to F-1 to study, and am currently on OPT. Can I use the previous petition number to try to get a cap-exempt H1B? If yes, what details should I take note of? (such as validity of the petition etc.)