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  1. Hello Bash123, That's good news. Thanks for keeping me posted and thanks a lot for this piece of information. I will email them an see if I can get a meaningful response. Safe travels to you and your folks. Regards Naveen
  2. Hello Bash123, No updates whatsoever. Emailing support-india@ustraveldocs seems to be useless as they don't really look at the specific case and respond based on a standard template. Even I am anxious. The suggested timeline for their response is 60 days in "most" cases from the time of start of admin. processing. I am not sure if Saturday/Sunday counts in those 60 days. In my case, the processing started from Nov 28. I am sure it must have been about 30 days now without counting weekends. I hope they stick to their guideline and respond at least within the next 30 odd days (it's still horribly late, but that's better than the present situation). I have heard stories where it has taken months together and all I could pray is that none of us have to go through such phase :( Thanks Naveen
  3. Hello Bash123, I am in the same boat. This was my 2nd extension from 2017 to 2020. Dropbox was not an option since I did not get my previous extension stamped at all as I never traveled out of the US during that time. My company was acquired by another company a couple of years back and my h1b was filed by the new legal entity formed afrer the acquisition. My interview was on the 27th of Novenber, 2017 at Chennai. The officer seemed cool with my case, verified my previous 797 (from 2014-2017). Then he saifld that my visa was approved. But im the next 2 days I got an email with the 221g attachemt asking me to submit e-copies of my old I-94s from when I entered US a in 2009 and in 2011. I was a grad student back then. It felt very strange to me that I was expected to carry i94 copies when these arrival records are made electronic. I submitted the documents that were requested on November 30th. I did not hear anything yet since the customer support doesn't really help and gives a standard response. My doubt is that they are doing extra rounds of scrituny for cases of extension beyond 6 years term. Please keep us posted in case there are any improvements on your side and I will do the same. Best of luck!