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  1. helpme140

    B2 Admin processing

    Hello, My spouse's cousin was slated to visit us here in US for 2 weeks with her husband and her parents. Her parents and herself already have a visitor visa although they have never traveled here before. Her husband appeared for his visa interview a couple weeks back and the visa is in admin processing. 1.) The entire family booked their flight tickets already (agree they should have waited for all visa approvals) 2.) They booked their travel/lodging in US already (wherever they are going to visit) 3.) They were planning on staying with us only 3-4 days out of 2 weeks. They intended on traveling within the country. 4.) Her husband was asked quite a few questions but he has his own business back home (I do not think he would have has shortage of funds to travel himself or with his wife). 5.) Him and his wife have traveled to a few countries in the past couple years. Obviously, always went back home after their vacation. 6.) He was asked about who is he visiting, which is us. He was asked where we worked. I do not think he knew the answer to that question (He should have known) Having said all of this, my guess was that he would have ticked almost all boxes to prove that he has a genuine nonimmigrant intent. The consulate put the visa in AP and they have asked to wait for 60 days. Anything that can be done by us here to prove that he is a genuine visitor? Otherwise, they may have to reconsider internal travel here and lose out on air tickets as well as internal travel accommodations etc. Thanks!
  2. helpme140

    EAD new form question 21.c,d,e

    Will do thanks
  3. helpme140

    EAD new form question 21.c,d,e

    Thanks for the update pontevechhio. However, when I read the USCIS website searching for Travel Document, 4 documents come up and Advance Parole was 1 of them. Am I missing something?
  4. helpme140

    EAD new form question 21.c,d,e

    Hello, I am going to apply for my EAD/AP renewal myself. The new form edition date 5/31/18 has a couple questions that I need some opinion on. My 485 is pending since Mar 2012. 21.a - asks for I-94 number (i have this) 21.b - asks for passport number (i have this) 21.c - asks for Travel Document Number (if any) - Not sure what this should be. Is this asking for Advance Parole information? 21.d - asks for Country which issued Passport or Travel Document Number. - What goes in here? PP issued country name or Travel Document issued country name (USA)? 21.e - asks for Expiration Date of Passport or Travel Document Number. - What goes in here? PP expiration date or Advance Parole expiration date? In my case, the last time I used AP to enter the country was the previous to previous EAD/AP combo card. Not the card I am trying to renew. Can experts shed some light? Thanks.
  5. helpme140

    Layoff while I-485 pending

    Great Thanks JoeF and Pontevechio
  6. helpme140

    Layoff while I-485 pending

    Pontevechio, Any feedback for me please? And I dont think I ever mentioned, your inputs on this forum are very valuable and concise. Thanks for your help.
  7. helpme140

    Layoff while I-485 pending

    Thanks very much. Another question - a new attorney, when takes over the case, is the step of them sending a G-28 on my and the spouse's 485 a mandatory one?
  8. helpme140

    Layoff while I-485 pending

    Thanks Pontevechio. Correct, I need a job in similar field. But, if it so happens that I do not find that suitable job and need to stay home for some time, does that have any negative effect on mine or my spouse's 485? I just want to know if there is a "set in stone" number of days one can stay without a job on a pending 485 without impacting the application. Thanks!!
  9. helpme140

    Layoff while I-485 pending

    Absolutely, I will. When I have a new job, either the new company will have their own attorney or i will hire one myself.
  10. helpme140

    Layoff while I-485 pending

    Hello, Here is the situation 1.) I-485 pending for EB2 India since March 2012 2.) Never changed employers since April 2007 3.) Company may dissolve, hence may lose job 4.) No valid H1b since 2013 5.) Working on EAD ever since. Current EAD valid till Feb 2019. What are the options? 1.) Do I need to get a job right away? 2.) Or I can stay without a job in the country based on the pending 485? Just don't want to rush and get into some job, need to find a good one. 3.) I understand the new company must be ready to sign the Supplement J when the RFE comes and I need to find a job in a same or similar position or it should have similar description of duties. Is there anything else to take care of? Please let me know. Thanks!!
  11. helpme140

    I-485 pending - Supplement J

    Thank you!!
  12. helpme140

    I-485 pending - Supplement J

    Hello experts - Any suggestions/insight?
  13. Hello, I am the primary applicant on my GC process. Mine and spouse's I-485 were applied back in 2012. I have been with my GC sponsoring employer ever since the labor was filed and never changed the employer. Do I or employer's attorney need to pro-actively file for the Supplement J showing that the job offer still is valid or do we need to wait for an RFE which might be triggered for EVL and Medicals? Thanks!
  14. helpme140

    HR5982 EAD clause

    Thanks for your inputs JoeF and Pontevecchio.
  15. helpme140

    I-485 EAD

    Hi ven7782 - I have a similar question out to the experts under the "EAD" section. Pontevecchio just asked for the reference link/info. I provided it to him. Please be on the lookout for a response on my thread.