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  1. Hi, I changed from F1 OPT to H1B on May 29th, 2018 as my H1b petition was approved on that date after RFEs. I am confused about what form to file for taxes before april 24th, 2019. Since i was on F1 OPT, all the days till May 28th, 2018 will not be counted. IRS will start counting only from the day my H1B. Hence the number of days i was in the US for 2018 comes to about 205 days because of some travel i did outside USA. I am also confused about resident filing as I was not liable to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes on F1 OPT for the first part of the year. Should i file as a resident or dual status alien (non-resident from January to May 2018 and then resident for the rest of the year)? Please advise. What have you done in the past for this situation? Thanks
  2. Hi, I am filing DS 160 on behalf of my fiance. We are getting married in January 2019. In the marital status section, should i fill Married since we will be married by the time of the interview or Single as she is single now? Also, in the Primary occupation section, should i put Homemaker as she will not be working here in US? Appreciate the help Thanks
  3. Hi, I am in the process of filling out DS160 for my fiance. We are getting married in January 2019 which is like two months away. In the field for Marital Status, what should i put? Is it single as she is single now or married as she will be married during the time of the interview? Also for Primary Occupation, can i put homemaker as she won't be working while here in the US? Your help is much appreciated. Thanks
  4. Okay thanks. This is helpful. On the same note, i believe the notice date should be close enough.
  5. Hi, I am getting married in Jan 2019 and in the process of filling out DS 160 for her. In the section for previous employment, it asks for Employment End Date. She is going to quit in December 2018 which is in the future. DS 160 is not allowing to save the form with a future date. What to fill here? Thanks,
  6. Gru79

    RFE response time estimate

    Hi, Sorry for the delayed response. Yes i got a response after upgrading to premium. I got the visa stamped recently. Thanks,
  7. Hi, My marriage is being planned and the girl is going to come in H4 dependent. The marriage is 6 months from now. Can i fill the DS160 now and book the visa appointment? Also is there a maximum allowed time between paying the MRV fee and booking the appointment? Inputs are much appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hi, I recently remembered that i forgot to report an employment i held for about 3 months. I have booked my visa appoinmtnet for H1b Stamping. Some more details: I worked for 3 months as a computer programmer with a company. It was unpaid and i was on OPT. While in this job, i got a full time offer. This place is still my current employer, they filed for my H1b and it was approved. I forgot to report this 3 month employment in Ds 160. I am going to India for stamping. Will this be a problem? Why I am concerned is before the H1b got approved, i had to file for OPT STEM 24 month extension. During this time, I had to report the 3 month position. It appeared on STEM Extension I20. Please help. Thanks
  9. Hi, I am trying to fill out a DS160 for the purpose of stamping. My situation is as follows: when my employer filed the petition, my salary was 60k. It went into RFE twice and took more than 9 months to get resolved. In the meantime, during annual appraisals, i received a promotion and my salary increased to 80k. The copy of my petition contains 60k as my salary. This is an in line promotion: SDE 1 to SDE 2. What should i fill in for monthly income when filling out DS160? Thanks.
  10. @Centepede you give the most reassuring answers! Thanks for the guidance.
  11. @sathi1985 thanks for the response. i will coordinate with my employer.
  12. Hi, My H1B petition was recently approved. My home consulate would be Chennai but it says a wait time of 50 calendar days. Can i schedule an appointment at a different Consulate depending on availability? If so how do i do it? Help is much appreciated. Thanks
  13. Gru79

    How long after H1B approval?

    Thank you @Centepede. @mehopeful: This is a normal full time employment position. This is a first time application and my STEM OPT is valid till June 2019. It has been a week i have not received any updates yet. Thanks
  14. Hi, My case was recently approved on May 29th, 2018. My attonrye has received the email approval. Does any one know how long it takes for the hard copy to arrive? I really need to travel to my home country and this is taking so much time. Thanks,
  15. Hi, My office is in New York. Our work is such that it can be performed from anywhere across the US or even the world. The only requirements are to have a company issues laptop and an internet connection. Given this, can i occasionally work from home? Like going to office 3 days and working from home 2 days a week. Thanks