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  1. kjk1982

    F1 OPT to H4

    Thank You..Please note that my spouse did the conversion from OPT EAD to H4 visa (old visa) at port of entry@CANADA...CBP officals asked couple of questions and finally they activated the H4 visa and see i 94(recent entry date changed)
  2. Hello, Have you got any response,i am doing the conversion from F1 to H4 along with H1B extension.
  3. kjk1982

    F1 OPT to H4

    My spouse has converted the H4 to F1 after came to US with valid Visa stamp(till Sep 2018),now we need to convert back to H4 (F1 OPT EAD expires in June 2018).Whether she need to travel back to India to do the H4 stamping or can go to Canada and come back... COS to H4 from US taking more than 7 to 8 months,so it's difficult to apply H4 EAD(if it continues)..
  4. kjk1982

    i 140 Status

    Today i saw a message on USCIS i.e i 140- Case Was Sent To The Department of State to the Department of State for visa processing. Earlier status was RFE received.My PD is 10/17,eb3. Is the i 140- approved or some more verification required from Department of State..?Please suggest.
  5. kjk1982

    H4 to F1 COS

    My Spouse converted from H4 to F1 COS(Approved) and currently working on F1-OPT EAD till June 14th.Her employer has promised to file the petition on April 2018. Questions are 1)Whether F1 Visa Stamping required or not at consulate before applying for H1B petition? 2)If F1 visa stamping is not done,whether it will create any issues on H1B petition approval? 2)If H1B lottery on April 2018 is not picked,till when she can stay in USA?