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  1. Snowflakes-TX

    H4-EAD Delay - Due to COVID-19

    Hello Just want to know if the below scenario is applicable for H4-EAD ? Please advise accordingly. EADs are automatically extended for up to 240 days after I-94 expiration when an extension of stay request is filed on time. https://www.uscis.gov/about-us/uscis-response-to-covid-19
  2. Snowflakes-TX

    H4 - EAD on basis of H4 Extension Receipt Notice

    I am in the same situation. Just applied H4-EAD with an H4 extension Receipt notice. As of now waiting for H4 Extension bio metrics appointment (Rescheduled) . Our appointment was in the month of april and office closed due to COVID. Please call USCIS and ask . If you get any info please share.
  3. Snowflakes-TX

    Driver Licence Renewal: I-94 conflict

    Hello I have my H1B approved recently. The approved H1B and I-94 on the new I-797 is valid untill 2023 September My previous I-94 is valid untill September 2020. When I visited driver Licence office for my renewal, the officer told me that he is not able to see the updated i94 in the database & the system is not allowing him to provide a new driver Licence until 2023. He can only give a Licence until Sept 2020 based on previous i94 which I already have. This is something new that I have never seen before or never happened. Do you think the Driver Licence office has not updated there data base yet or should I contact USCIS for this one ? Please suggest the right path to fix this.
  4. I am also in the same situation. Expires very soon within few months and bio-metrics is stopped right now due to COVID-19. Not sure if one can continue the employment with CURRENT H4-EAD when your H4-Extension & EAD is under process with pending receipt number/timely filing.
  5. Hello All, We had H4 Biometrics Appointment on Scheduled in first week of April-2020. But all ASC-offices are closed due to COVID-19. Looks like they are getting reopened on 20th July 2020 Anyone with same situation and got your latest re-scheduled appointment letter from USCIS/ASC Center ? Please share you inputs and thank you.
  6. Hello It will be great if someone can post a reply for this. I have my H1-B extension approved last month. My spouse H4 extension (I-539) is under processing and currently under Bio-Metrics. H4 EAD (I-765) needs to be renewed but i am not able to do it because H4 extension (I-539) is still under processing. Can I apply for (I-765)H4-EAD renewal with pending H4 Visa (I-539) Receipt Notice ?
  7. Hello All, Here is a very confusing Situation & it will be great if someone can provide the right inputs. 1) I am on H1-B & my wife is on H4. i have my I-140 approved in the year 2012 and applied for H4-EAD in the month of May-2018 which is still under processing. 2) Lost my job in the end of July-2018 and accepted an offer in the mid of this august-2018. New petition is one the way and filing is under process. The question is what happens to the H4-EAD which shows still under processing ? should i file once again once with my new H1-Petition approves ?
  8. Hi I had H1B consular appointment on Dec 14th in chennai. VO said I am approved. I don't see any updates on passport since Dec 14th. Online update shows administrative processing. Why does it shows administrative processing when VO says I am approved ? Any inputs will be appreciated. Questions that I came across are below: 1. Who is ur petitioner 2. Where is your exact work location 3. What's your designation & pay 4. Are you a direct employer to your petitioner or through a third party 5. What's your highest degree & qualification. 6. Few More questions to my wife. VO : You guys are eligible for drop box and no need to come to consulate and waste time. You guys are anyway approved. You can go now.
  9. Snowflakes-TX

    Passport updates & Admin Processing

    December 13th : OFC appointment December 14th : Consular appointment December 15th : status changed to admin processing December 27th : status changed to " issued" December 28th : passport delivered with valid stamp.
  10. Snowflakes-TX

    Passport updates & Admin Processing

    Today status was updated as "issued".
  11. Snowflakes-TX

    H1B stamping Delhi embassy

    Any update on ur cases?
  12. As per my experience You should hear back something in 20 to 25 days if you work directly for an employer & nothing fishy in your profile.
  13. Snowflakes-TX

    Any Passport Delays going on?

    Hello. Attended H1B VO/consular appointment on Dec 14th in chennai. VO said I am approved. Not yet received passport & online update shows administrative processing. Why does it shows administrative processing when VO says its approved ?