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  1. Hello It will be great if someone can post a reply for this. 


    I have my H1-B extension approved last month.  My spouse H4 extension (I-539) is under processing and currently under Bio-Metrics. 

    H4 EAD (I-765) needs to be renewed but i am not able to do it  because H4 extension (I-539) is still under processing. 


    Can I apply for (I-765)H4-EAD renewal with pending H4 Visa (I-539) Receipt Notice  ?


  2. Hello All, 

    Here is a very confusing Situation & it will be great if someone can provide the right inputs. 

    1) I am on H1-B & my wife is on H4. i have my I-140 approved in the year 2012 and applied for H4-EAD in the month of May-2018 which is still under processing. 

    2) Lost my job in the end of July-2018 and accepted an offer in the mid of this august-2018. New petition is one the way and filing is under process.

    The question is what happens to the H4-EAD which shows still under processing ? should i file once again once with my new H1-Petition approves ? 


  3. Hi 

     I had H1B consular appointment on Dec 14th in chennai. VO said I am approved. I don't see any updates on passport since Dec 14th. Online update shows administrative processing. 

    Why does it shows administrative processing when VO says  I am approved ? 

    Any inputs will be appreciated.


    Questions that I came across are below: 

    1. Who is ur petitioner

    2. Where is your exact work location

    3. What's your designation & pay 

    4. Are you a direct employer to your petitioner or through a third party

    5. What's your highest degree & qualification. 

    6. Few More questions to my wife. 

    VO : You guys are eligible for drop box and no need to come to consulate and waste time. You guys are anyway approved. You can go now.