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  1. FoBquery

    Maintaining Status While H-1B Petition is Pending

    Hello! I work in a higher-ed institution and my employing department applied for a H1B visa. I have received an RFE on 12/22/17. My OPT expires on 1/15/18. I have my advanced degrees from the same institution I work for. The RFE is citied on the basis of "speciality occupation". Do I still have time to slip back into F1 status by enrolling to another program? I graduated from a non-STEM program on 12/16/16 and started my OPT on 01/16/17. The fall semester beings only on 8/29. In which case, 60 days after my OPT expires will be 3/17 and 5 months from that day will land me on 8/17. What will be my status between 8/17 and 8/29? In case I am able to get an I-20 for the Spring Semester (starting 01/08/2018), but don't enroll for classes, can I defer it to Fall 2018 and still be considered in status? Can my employer change the SOC code at this time? Thank you
  2. FoBquery

    RFE on Status and Specific Specialty

    I received an RFE two days ago and the document highlights two issues - 1. Evidence pertaining to beneficiary's status 2. Evidence pertaining to completion of a bachelor's or higher degree in a specific specialty For issue 1. I was advised to update my Sevis record and also produce pay stubs. Issue two seems to be a challenge. I have two masters degree from the US and I work for a Higher Ed Institution (non-profit). My line of work blends between two SoC codes and for whatever reason one code was picked over the other. I am in the process of framing my response and seeking suggestions, advice, samples of replies and other possible leads from people who are / have been in a similar situation. My OPT ends in two weeks and I need to do something before that.