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  1. Is this for the first time h1b approval or h1b extension? for extensions.. its a fake news.
  2. your chances of getting rejection is higher, and get ready for it. you said you have Mech Engg degree. But you have 13 years IT experience, this point your attorney should explain in detail. Good Luck.
  3. shilpi89

    H1b Current status is revoked by UCIS

    did you work atleast few months for the company which you initially got H1? You are cap exempt, and you are eligible to transfer to another company, But its tough to get approval if you dont have paystubs.
  4. shilpi89

    Changing Status from H4 to H1

    Yes, she is cap exempt and can transfer from h4 to h1.
  5. shilpi89

    Delayed in sending RFE response

    No one can do anything. Good luck next year with new h1b filing.
  6. No, you should stop working immediately. If i94 expired, you should return to your home country. If i94 not expired, then you can apply another extension with in the USA.
  7. shilpi89

    RFE response delayed

    bad luck. try next year with fresh h1b petition. Nothing attorney or you can do.
  8. First make sure I140 was not revoked. If revoked then you cannot apply for I140 based extensions. If it was not revoked, and if you have project at that time on hand, yes you are cap exempt. Ie. no need to go through new h1b process.
  9. shilpi89

    H1 to H4 to H1

    I assume you want to move to H4 status from based on your husband h1 status right? If true, then 1) Yes 2) Yes - cap exempt 2) No need to leave USA. you can apply cos to h1 while staying in usa 4) Are you planning to work for employer A after 1 year. If yes, tell them your plans and request not to revoke I140.
  10. shilpi89

    H4 to H1 Transfer

    Simple, you said "Her H1B application was approved after she arrived in the USA". So as per "last action rule" she is on H1 Status I guess. If she got H1 status, immediately apply SSN and you will get it in 2 weeks. Then pass it on to employer. If the H1 status not showing up at SSN Office, carry H1 I797 documents to SSN office and inquire if they can do something. I dont understand this word "But my wife's employer is not ready to apply for H1 transfer until her BGV is cleared" as she is already on H1 status.
  11. shilpi89

    H1 extn denied, reapply

    Your extension is denied, and I94 expired. Even you plan to reapply h1b extension with more supporting documents, you must leave the country(as per rule) and attend the consulate interview if the new H1b approved.
  12. shilpi89

    H1B transfer when one is already in process

    You can change to Employer C once you received the H1b receipt from employer C. No need to submit Employer B filing receipt.
  13. shilpi89

    Selected in H1B lottery but not replied to RFE

    why the employer didn't reply on time?