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  1. My wife and I are green card holders since 2008.  We are planning to apply for naturalization and are wondering how the current or new proposed rules for public charge determination would affect our application (https://www.migrationpolicy.org/research/chilling-effects-expected-public-charge-rule-impact-legal-immigrant-families).  I had to use unemployment insurance in 2014 and we were on Medicaid for part of 2015.  Could an adverse determination of the naturalization application affect our permanent resident status?  Thanks in advance for your response!

  2. On 12/12/2017 at 0:15 PM, JoeF said:

    What do you mean with "what happens to work status"? You are an LPR until the citizenship oath.

    Naturalization is a pretty straightforward process.

    JoeF, thanks for the response.  I did not know about LPR status.  So once the N400 is submitted, you automatically switch to LPR even if the green card had expired before the N400 is approved?  (The background to the question is that we had contacted a lawyers office and they said that March is too little time to apply for citizenship and get approved, and so suggested simultaneously applying for both citizenship and an extension of the green card).  Based on your response, I am thinking that this is unnecessary and we can apply N400 now and stay on in LPR status.  Can you confirm that my understanding is correct?  Thanks in advance.