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  1. Andupo

    I-94 Expiring before EAD/AP

    doesn't i94 supersedes everything? Doesn't one need valid i94 to be able to stay in US?
  2. Andupo

    AP and i94

    Hi Members, One of my friend has entered using AP last year and his i94 is expiring. Does he need to extend i94 while i485 is pending?
  3. Andupo

    L1A Validity

    Hi user friends, I have a unique situational question and below are the details, 1. I have valid L1A extension, however while entering in US last year I had to use my Advance Parole to re-enter in US as I couldn't get stamping dates in india, I would like to know if my L1A is still valid and can I go to Canada and stamp it? 2. Is there a way to extend i94 without leaving US, while entered using AP. Thanks in advance Regards, AP
  4. Will I be allowed to enter in US on just AP without stamping the visa?
  5. Hi All, I am in need to travel to india and below are my question, let me know if you can help? I have L1A extension and L2 extension (Dependents) approved until 2019, however visa is not stamped My GreenCard (EB1C) application under process and so far I have received EAD and Advance payroll for myself, spouse and daughter, however i140 and i485 is pending I would like to know if I have to stamp my visa before returning to US or should I use advance payroll to re-enter in US and will this travel have any impact on i140 and i485?