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  1. I am currently in US on L1B visa from Employer A valid till 2019. Employer B had sponsored my H1B and got approved H1 petition for Consular Processing (In April 2017 i travelled to my home country so I-94 submitted during my H1B filing became invalid). Due to my present situation, I do not want to risk going to home country and being denied/get admin processing my visa there. What are my options now to avoid going to home country for Visa Stamping? 1) Is it possible to convert my consular processing to Change of Status now by submitting the new I94? Is it same as reapplying for a fresh H1 , paying all the fees and undergo the entire H1B approval process again? 2) If conversion is possible, what is the procedure and how much does it cost? 3) Are there any risks of rejection going from Consular processing to COS? Is there an option for Premium processing in this case? 4) Is there any chance of transferring the current petition to my current empoyer A and ask him to file COS instead of going to home country for stamping. Is this possible or not? Thanks in Advance.