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  1. I came to India for my h1b visa stamping. I got 221g in interview. Later my employer received "Notice of Intent to Revoke". They mentioned gross error in the NOIR. My employer responded within 30 days to the NOIR. It has been nearly 60 days we submitted the response. We haven’t heard anything from USCIS. Now my client requesting me to get to the location ASAP. My employer checked with attorney that new filing wouldn’t be under CAP. So, employer planning to file a new h1b petition in premium. Currently I am in India with a valid I-94. 1. Can we file a new petition in this situation? 2. What are the chances of getting approval for new petition? 3. What will happen to the old petition if we file new one?
  2. I came to India for my h1b visa stamping. I got 221g in interview (Interviewer said my h1b never got approved, but I showed my original i797A). Later my employer got "Notice of Intent to Revoke". My employer responded within 30 days. Now, how much time it takes to get the response from USCIS? Are there any similar cases like this. What's the usual time duration to get the response from USCIS? I even can't go for premium processing for case like this. Now I got struck in India. What's my next step? Please help me out from this situation.
  3. Hi everyone, I got NOIR last month and my employer responded NOIR and currently the status is in received status. But I am worrying about the chances of approval. I came to India and got stuck here currently. Meanwhile I found a new job from other employer. But my questions are: 1. Meanwhile, can my new employer file a h1b under premium ( mine is not revoked yet, not transfer, not under Cap)? 2. What will happen if my old h1b got approval? 3.What are the chances of getting new h1b approval? 4. Can we do the new filing?
  4. I also got NOIR when I went for visa stamping in India. My employer responded to NOIR, How long does it take to get the response from USCIS? I got stuck in India now.
  5. Hi Team, I went for visa interview last month in Chennai. I got 221g. This week I saw my case status in USCIS, it is showing up "Intent to Revoke Notice Was Sent". My employer still did not get the notice. Once we get the notice, my attorney will respond to the issue. But here my question is, What are the chances of getting approval if we respond properly? or is it a name sake notice before denying it? Can someone please help me. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, I went for h1b visa stamping last month in Chennai and I got 221g blue slip and no documents asked for submission, interview was completed. I checked the status and its showing Administrative Processing. But I recently checked my DS160 thoroughly then I found a mistake about my masters degree. The DS160 doesn't have my US Masters degree details. What do I need to do now? Please suggest. I am worrying a lot about it now. Will there be any problem in Administrative Processing? Thanks in advance
  7. lucky1219

    visa stamping got 221g in Chennai

    I can able to check my status and it's showing Administrative Processing. In the interview she did ask me documents like client letter, W2, i797 but didn't keep anything with her. And later gave me 221g. How much time it usually takes for this processing? Can we make it fast?
  8. Hi All, I went for visa stamping interview in Chennai on July 5th. I work in EVC Model. She asked me about my Employer and client and location I work. And asked me the client letter, W2, and finally i-797. After checking it for some time, she said "She is unable to find the case number". And later gave me 221g blue slip with a case number on it. And there is a checkbox checked that "Your Application is refused for administrative processing. The application will be considered when administrative processing is complete". When I am trying to check the visa status its saying "Invalid Application ID or Case Number". But when I am trying to check with DS-160 number it is saying Administrative Processing. I am not sure what me or my employer's next step? I am in confusion whether Administrative Processing is initiated or not. Is there anyone who faced the same situation? Can you please help me out what would be my next step or how can I move forward? And what is the meaning of "Your Application is refused for administrative processing. The application will be considered when administrative processing is complete" in 221g? thanks
  9. Hi Everyone, My h1b was filed in 2017 quota and got RFE and later it's denied on November,2017. My employer is trying to reopen it (Motion to Reopen). I heard that the reopening process may takes so much time (3 to 6 months) to get response. So, can I apply for new h1b in 2018 quota while the previous appeal is still in process? Thanks