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  1. spinach.blue

    H1 - H4 - H1 - Query

    Thank you for taking out the time to reply pontevecchio and JoeF. As per your suggestion ponte, I am not showing any experience from Oct 2015 to March 2016 to Company B. I wanted some clarifications: Will the time between Oct 2015 - March 2016, be counted as a part of 6 years, after my H1b is transferred to Company B? Or my H1b will be good as new after it is transferred to Company B? What are the chances of my COS from H4-H1b getting a RFE due to the out of status in Oct 2015- March 2016? Thank you for your suggestions.
  2. spinach.blue

    H1 - H4 - H1 - Query

    Thank you ponte for your elaborated response. I would really appreciate if you could answer some of my follow up questions. - Company B is a reputed MNC and have not asked for any money. I wanted some clarifications: You are suggesting that I should not mention any experience from Oct 2015- March 2016 with Company A ? When you say “I would suggest that you have B file with PP and on approval leave and return with the H1 visa so that you start with a clean slate.” The way I interpret this is to get my H4 to H1b transferred in premium processing via Company B. And when you say “leave and return” does that mean go back to my home country for stamping and come back to US? If my H4 to H1b transfer is denied, will that effect my current H4 visa?
  3. spinach.blue

    H1 - H4 - H1 - Query

    Hi, I would really appreciate your suggestions to my query. I came to USA in March 2015 on H4 Visa. At the same time, I had applied for H1-b from Company A (Consultancy). My case was picked in lottery and approved from Company A (effective October, 2015). But I did not get any project from them. I kept looking for projects to work as C2C. But till March 2016, I did not get any projects. Company A suggested to change my status from H1-b to H4 and got my status changed. During the tenure from Oct 2015 to March 2016, I was on H1-b Visa. As I did not get any projects: I did NOT apply for SSN. Company A never ran my payroll and did not give any salary so I do not have any paystubs. I was NOT working on any project/assignment. Fast forward, my change of status got approved in August 2016. Since August 2016, I am on H4 Visa. Recently, I received a job offer from Company B. Company B has agreed to apply for my H4 to H1-b transfer. Now I have a few questions: Have I broken any rules/laws? While Company B will file for my H4 to H1-b transfer, am I getting myself into any risk? If there are NO risks, then in some documentation required by Company B; they need my SSN details, which I do not have. Should I clearly discuss with Company B’s HR about my SSN? Should I fill my ITIN details to start off with the immigration process? Currently my husband’s PERM is under process with Company X. Will my arrangements with Company B in anyway affect my husband? Thank you for your time and suggestions.