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  1. If it is a approved as consulate then you will have to go for stamping
  2. Amar0259

    H1B ammendment denial and H1 transfer

    1. No 2. Yes you can but wait untill it got approved.It is recommended to wait untill the petition got approved. 3. Yes.
  3. It shouldn't be a problem as long as you have all your paperwork.
  4. Amar0259

    DS -160 - Ten printing

    Answer No.If at all they need your fingerprints they will mail or call you to come in.
  5. It all depends on the case by case.As you are direct employer I don't think you will be asked the number of questions and that also depends on how confident you are in answering the officer's questions and I hope you will get it done. Make sure you book an appointment early before flying.
  6. Amar0259

    H1B DropBox Experience at Hyderabad Consulate

    Our Passports are ready for PickUp.
  7. Amar0259

    H1B DropBox Experience at Hyderabad Consulate

    Now the status says visa has been issued. According to status, I hope the visa is issued but I am little nervous until I see my visa directly.
  8. Amar0259

    H1B DropBox Experience at Hyderabad Consulate

    This evening the status has changed to "Administrative Processing". @pontevecchio Is Administrative Processing being common these days?
  9. Amar0259

    H1B DropBox Experience at Hyderabad Consulate

    Yesterday My passport status changed to "Passport is being to delivered to post DropBox" Today Passport status has changed to "Your Passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate".
  10. Hello, I and my family are eligible for the Dropbox submission.Reached dropbox collection office (where they take biometrics) by 10:30 AM.You don't need to wait in the line for Dropbox.Inform security people that you are here to submit documents for Dropbox.They will allow you inside and give you a token and ask you to wait.I have got my number on the screen and went to the respective counter and submitted all of our documents. She had a couple of concerns on our photographs and she left the place and went inside to double check with their superior and came back saying everything is good except my kid's photograph as she opened her lips very lightly in the photo and she asked me if you want to go with this photo or not.I said Yes and then she proceeded. After checking all of our passports she asked us to write full name and passport number on the backside of each applicant photograph.I did write that and gave back to her.She asked us to sign at the end of DropBox confirmation page along with my phone number.She typed something in the system and confirmed me that I have successfully submitted my documents to Dropbox and you will receive an update within 3 to 5 business days. Will Keep Posted on my updates once I receive any.
  11. Amar0259

    H1- B Visa Stamping Required or Not ??

    Yes it is mentioned somewhere in the ustraveldocs FAQ.Have a look at those.
  12. Amar0259

    H1- B Visa Stamping Required or Not ??

    You don't need to go for stamping.
  13. Amar0259

    H1B transfer

    Yes but you will have to use consulate option if you don't have i-94
  14. Amar0259

    I -290 B Appeal Decision

    I applied my i-290B in June 2017 and still, my case shows received.I am not saying this to discourage you but the fact is they are not at all considering the denial cases to work on priority as you see there are a lot of denials happening these days.Better apply H1B from other employer and leave the country ASAP if your i-94 expires.
  15. The answer is NO because the denied one is not a visa it is the i-129 petition and we are in the same boat and I am eligible for DropBox.Inboxed my details.Give me a call will discuss over the call.I am also in India and planning to go for dropbox submission next week in Hyderabad.