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  1. Joe, Thanks for the information !! Is my I 485 valid or not now- Its pending with USCIS ? We are going file new I 140 with porting the priority date. Is there any objection in approval in GC. Please help here.
  2. srk0009

    My I 130 got denied

    Hi got the denial notice stating that I am already a permanent resident but my GC status didn't change on line and called the customer service they told the same thing. Is this USCIS error or something my GC got approved .. but I did not received the card into my Hand... Please help me here ..
  3. My Situation : While I am on H1 , I found a pre-approved labor and processes my GC with “Future employment” option with EB3 India category. After that My H1 company want me back to India but I tried jobs on Future employment EAD and got the job on EAD. Now my current company processed new labor and ready to file I 140 under EB2 criteria to port the date. Meanwhile my GC filed employer went out of the business. But he didn’t cancel my I-140. Questions: · Recently I got I-131 denial – I don’t know the reason waiting for the notice. Is there any chance/reason to GC to denial ? if so what is my options to stay in US? · Is this good decision to move from BE3 to EB2 portable ? Please help me!
  4. srk0009

    My I 130 got denied

    EB3 INDIA March12 2005
  5. Hi, I applied my AP I 130 July 20th , today I got the email saying my Ap got denied but didn't know the reason I am waiting for actual notice , could some one tell us what might be the reason . Last December my 485 got updated with same pending status..is this cause the issue? Mine is EB3 india ..Earlier i used to get Ap with out any issues.