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  1. zariugn

    Call from District Attorney

    Hi Everyone, I'm currently on OPT after finishing my Master's degree, I joined an employer A and it turned out to be very shady, they had asked me for signed checks for specific amounts, as part of their terms. I did sign it because I didn't have another option. Due to the shady behavior I called the bank and confirmed that there is a stop payment on the check. I was always looking out for another employer, but I got a project through employer A and the contract got terminated, then I got another project from employer B. Employer A wanted me to sign a contract for another project they had which I didn't because I didn't want to. Employer A is now threatening me and I got a call from District Attorneys office to confirm my bank account number and name on the checks which I signed at Employer A. They even went ahead and got my project cancelled from Employer B. What are my options?
  2. zariugn

    Call from District Attorney

    I have already found another employer, and I checked their website it is the DA. What do I do now?