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  1. mehopeful

    H1B Extension RFE Denied

    What was the problem with education?
  2. mehopeful

    3 Week unpaid leave on H1B

    Yes, you don't need to be paid when you are not in the US. If the Visa in your passport is valid on the date of return, you don't need to apply for a new Visa.
  3. 1. Your employer can file an amendment to extend your status. You will need to get your passport renewed first. Alternatively, you can also travel to Canada or Mexico (or any other country). 2. 3/31/2019 3. You can use the existing petition from B to obtain your Visa, if you want to return to US after 3/31/2019.
  4. If your very first H1 was obtained under Master's cap, then it is possible that this petition will face issues. EB2 for a job that requires Masters degree depends upon whether the University was accredited when you obtained the degree. EB2 for a job that requires Bachelors + 5 years may be possible.
  5. When you receive the request, ask them if they can change your processing to India or delay the deadline so that you can send it after returning from India.
  6. Some states may have laws requiring landlords to ask for such information, since it may be illegal to harbor an illegal alien. So, unless you have a really strong reason to no provide this document, doesn't seem to too bad.
  7. mehopeful

    H1B Stamping - received 221G; Can I apply for H4

    Yes, you can apply for H4. Since the 221g will not be cleared at that point, you will have to answer the previous Visa denial question on DS160 as yes and provide explanation. It will not affect your H4 application. Later, if Visa is approved you will have to return to Chennai, get the stamp on passport and then return in H1B status.
  8. mehopeful

    H1B Loose vs H1B Transfer

    I am not sure I have heard this 'loose' term before. But in any case, it is all the same. They are basically filing a cap-exempt petition for you.
  9. mehopeful

    H1B Amendment and extension

    If amendment is denied you will have to move back to A (unless the denial also invalidates the original petition, unlikely). Another extension petition can be filed now or later. However for it to be approved with extension of status, you must be working as per the previously approved petition. (You must be maintaining your status as of the date of filing) Alternatively, another amendment+extension to location C can be filed, but it may get approved as consular notification. Consult with an attorney. Keep in mind that most likely reason amendment gets denied is because of employer-employee relationship, specialty occupation or your education eligibility. These reasons must be addressed irrespective of any location change.
  10. mehopeful

    H1B Change of Status

    If it is approved with change of status (I-94 at the bottom of approval notice), then your status will change on Oct 1. You will then have to start working. If it is approved without change of status, then you will have to either leave the US and return with an H1B Visa or your employer will have to file amendment to change your status.
  11. mehopeful

    Masters in Aspen Univeristy

    You can certainly study and complete an online degree while in H1B status. If that degree is properly accredited (it looks like it is), it can be used for an H1B job that requires the degree.
  12. Yes, you are cap-exempt, unless the petition was denied because of fraud/misrepresentation that made the original petition invalid.
  13. If the total time spent in H1+L1 status in the US is less than 6 years, then an employer can file a cap-exempt petition for you.
  14. mehopeful

    Masters in Aspen Univeristy

    If it is not a SEVIS school, then you will not be able to convert to F1. F1 does not allow online program anyway, it has to be on-campus. You can study online while you are in some other status such as H4 or H1B. For the masters degree to be used to qualify for MS cap, EB2 or H1B job that requires a masters degree, the degree and the school must be accredited.
  15. H4 extension and H4 EAD are not guaranteed to be processed in premium. However, it is most likely that they will also be processed in premium. So please go ahead and file them all together.