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  1. mehopeful

    Copy of I-539 for H4 Visa interview

    I-539 approval notice is irrelevant once your wife leaves the US. She only needs the I-129 approval notice to apply for her H4 Visa.
  2. mehopeful

    L2 stamping

    Yes, your son can apply for L2 Visa as your dependent. Any previous extension of status applications are irrelevant once he leaves the US.
  3. mehopeful

    H4 (EAD Holder) can daily commute from Windsor to Detroit?

    Yes, it will be better if you get the Visa.
  4. mehopeful

    H4 (EAD Holder) can daily commute from Windsor to Detroit?

    Using AVR on a daily basis can be a little risky. CBP agents are somewhat skeptical about it. It will be better if you obtain H4 Visa.
  5. mehopeful

    H1B expired:: Filing Extension from India

    H1B petition is filed by the employer, so you need to find a job. That's the only legitimate way. What you are asking is shady consulting, my advice is to stay away from those. Never pay for the H1. Not only is it illegal, such petitions are very highly likely to be denied.
  6. mehopeful

    H1B RFE

    They make mistakes. Your employer should respond that these are not applicable to the position, since it is at a different location.
  7. Yes. US immigration law does not cover the time you are outside US.
  8. It may just be a system error, the online status update does show wrong updates sometimes. It is also possible that they sent a check for the wrong amount, they can simply file it again in that case (unless this is a cap-subject petition).
  9. mehopeful

    still "Case Was Recieved"

    Case status remains 'received' until there is a decision or RFE. In that sense, it is quite useless. You can check average processing times on USCIS website. If the case remains pending beyond Sep 30, you will have to stop working.
  10. F1 Visa allows school students, but in very limited cases. They will have to pay the school district full cost of education. The process will be very difficult. It will be much better to simply move back to India. Many schools do accept transfer students in the middle of the academic year. It is unfortunate.
  11. mehopeful

    H1b Revoked by employer while on project

    Consult an attorney.
  12. mehopeful

    H4 EAD

    Yes, your spouse can apply for H4 EAD if they are in H4 status.
  13. mehopeful

    Getting new i94 on new i797

    You have to specifically show them the latest approval notice, and request that I-94 be given according to that notice. CBP officers do make mistakes sometimes, so make sure you confirm this with them. Also, if you are in Canada for under 30 days, they will not give you a new I-94. You will then be admitted based on the same old I-94.
  14. mehopeful

    H1B- Most Recent Receipt Issue

    Why are you filling the form I-129? It is your employer's form, not yours. A or their lawyer should be filling this. The answer is A's petition number and denial of B's petition need not be mentioned.
  15. mehopeful

    H1 Validity period question

    She is eligible for the remainder period under cap-exempt status. It must be claimed within 6 years of last holding H1B status (so May 2015+6 years).