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  1. Hi, I got green card EAD till May 2019 and my L1-A Visa is in renewal. I will sponsor my parents B2 visa. Can my parents show my EAD as my legal status? Thanks, Vkr
  2. Hi , As per my attorney this is a routine notice and nothing to worry. Thanks!!
  3. hi , I received notice saying Notice Type:Receipt Notice Fee waived. i am confused on what this is about. Do anyone has idea on this?
  4. vkr112

    L1 to GC

    Hi, In my opinion its better to convert to L1-A during next Visa renwal and file GC under EB1-C category. One important point to remember when filing GC on L1 Visa, unlike H1 visa L1 will not be extended beyond 7 years.
  5. vkr112

    L1B First extension + Perm in progess

    Hi Kannan, Under which category you are filing GC? You need to get your GC within 5 years, as one cannot stay more than 7 years with L1 visa. L1 visas won’t be extended beyond limit. Thanks VKR
  6. vkr112

    L1A blanket or Extension with I-485 Pending

    Hi, You can work with approved EAD(I-140 also approved) . You don’t need to extend L1A visa.
  7. Hi, Can we travel on EAD with advance parole while I-485 is in progress? do i need to go to consular interview if i travel on EAD?
  8. Hi Sanguine, one of my friend got EAD even though his I-140 is in pending state. This happens only in case of EB1-C category as they can do concurrent filing. Thanks, Kartheek