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  1. Pra112

    AOS EAD Renewal Post 180 days

    Hi, I applied AOS based EAD renewal 5 months before and still there is no update. I know we can work on AOS EAD for 180 days with auto extension, but do i need to stop work if renewal process crosses 180 days?
  2. Pra112

    I-765/I-131 Renewal : Questions

    Hi, Its better to apply for renewal as early as possible. Its taking 4-6 months now a days. i applied 5 months still no result.
  3. Pra112

    EAD & AP Renewal Time

    Hi, I submitted EAD & AP renewal forms in Feb (Receipt date:Feb 8th) but still there is no update. Just want to know the average time frame for renewals.
  4. Pra112

    AC21 Portability

    Hi, My GC is filed under EB-1 C Category with multinational manager duties. I currently have both EAD & L1-A visa. My GC interview was completed last October waiting for priority date to become current. It might become current around Jan 2020. Can i change company on EAD? Do we need to inform USCIS about job change through AC21? what happens if new company files AC 21 with some other job duties? Thanks!!
  5. Hi, I filed GC under EB1-C category. My interview was done in last October and have EAD. Can i switch job in this scenario? what needs to filed in this case and do i need to go interview again? Thanks!!
  6. Pra112

    Can i switch Job after GC interview?

    @Provence My company field Green Card (I-140) in SEPT 2017 not recently. My current project is rolling over on Feb end that's why these questions.
  7. Pra112

    Can i switch Job after GC interview?

    @pontevecchio thanks for your reply. my current company might ask me to go back to India after one month if they are not able to allocate project for me. What happens to 485 if i go to India? i have valid EAD+AP till May and applied for renewal 10 days back. Can i update my friends address for 485 application in online so that cards can get delivered to his address? sorry i have lots of questions.
  8. Hi, i have EAD and my GC interview was also done(EB1), waiting for my priority date to become current. what happens to I-485 if we go to India in this situation?
  9. Can anyone help me with above question? Thanks!!
  10. Hi, i used to follow Murthy forums a lot to know about GC Process and other scenarios. I just want to share my experience as a gratitude. Appointment is at 08:15 AM for my whole family. Filing Category: EB1-C Priority Date: 09/15/2017 I was called by officer at 08:30 AM. She asked basic details of me & my spouse like Date of birth,Names ,Passports & drivers license Next she went on with asking i-485 questions regarding criminal, military etc She took employment verification letter & Payslips Finally she said dates are backdated and we will get GC when they are current Officer is very friendly 🙂
  11. Pra112

    My GC Interview Experience

    @rgsiva_it3 Finger printing appointment is for EAD. This was done 6 months before. we filed medical reports along with i-485 petition.
  12. Pra112

    My GC Interview Experience

    Hi, I was called for interview when dates are not current, that's why interviewer told us that we will get physical cards once priority dates becomes current.
  13. @newacct i have valid EAD & AP till Dec 2019. In my situation my company might ask me to go back to India as there are no projects. if my GC got approved while i am in India, how will it get it and how to return back to USA with it? Thanks!!
  14. Any thoughts on when EB-1 India final action dates will become current or move to 2018? Thanks!!
  15. what happens if i travel to India for long time (6 months) and AP got expired. will my I-485 application becomes void? Thanks!!
  16. Pra112

    My GC Interview Experience

    Hi, As you know EB-1 India priority date is still around December 2016. It might take 4-12 months depending on the scenario.
  17. L1-B petition is filed in June 2018 (i.e 210 days approximately). I-94 is valid till March 2020. What happens if the response didn't come before 240 days? can we stay in USA on I-94 post 240 days?
  18. Hi, L1A denial will not have any impact on I-485. You don't need to worry.
  19. Hi, I got green card EAD till May 2019 and my L1-A Visa is in renewal. I will sponsor my parents B2 visa. Can my parents show my EAD as my legal status? Thanks, Vkr
  20. hi , I received notice saying Notice Type:Receipt Notice Fee waived. i am confused on what this is about. Do anyone has idea on this?
  21. Hi , As per my attorney this is a routine notice and nothing to worry. Thanks!!
  22. Pra112

    L1 to GC

    Hi, In my opinion its better to convert to L1-A during next Visa renwal and file GC under EB1-C category. One important point to remember when filing GC on L1 Visa, unlike H1 visa L1 will not be extended beyond 7 years.
  23. Pra112

    L1B First extension + Perm in progess

    Hi Kannan, Under which category you are filing GC? You need to get your GC within 5 years, as one cannot stay more than 7 years with L1 visa. L1 visas won’t be extended beyond limit. Thanks VKR
  24. Pra112

    L1A blanket or Extension with I-485 Pending

    Hi, You can work with approved EAD(I-140 also approved) . You don’t need to extend L1A visa.
  25. Hi, Can we travel on EAD with advance parole while I-485 is in progress? do i need to go to consular interview if i travel on EAD?