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  1. Arasu A

    O1 visa questions

    Hello All, I have got a few questions about the O1 visa. Let's assume someone's an international player, and have represented the country's national team in various international tournaments. She/he is currently on a H4 dependent visa in the US, and is aspiring to be a coach here (in the US) for the sport she played back in her country. Below are the questions that I have currently: 1) I know that O1 sponsor can be an organization or an US agent (US citizens and Green card holders may act as agents). We do have some prominent contacts here in the field, who may possibly sponsor her O1 visa. What are the pre-requisites for an US citizen who is willing to sponsor an O1 visa? Does he/she (US citizen) will have to offer her a job (include salary details), or could it be a general petition stating that we have an outstanding individual here in the US and the country can use her skills? My basic question is, is job offer a mandate for the O1 sponsor? 2) Let's assume he/she has a job back in her home country. Will they have to quit the job back in her home country before applying for the O1 visa? Thanks