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  1. The Other Guy

    H1B Transfer -RFE

    I do not think certifications helps. What is your educational background ? What is your job title/field specifically ? I have seen post from non CS background people getting H1 approved with solid supporting documentation.
  2. The Other Guy

    USCIS Officer Site visit

    Your employer did not follow the legal procedures needed (Filing a LCA for your new job&location). Talk to the employer and his attorney and find out what to do next. Keep us posted.
  3. The Other Guy

    Gap between job changes

    Thank You @JoeF & @cchandran
  4. The Other Guy

    Gap between job changes

    If one is changing jobs, Is it legally allowed to take few days off between the 2 jobs. To be more specific, i work for employer A (i 94 valid until 2019 JAN), but 16th feb will be my last day of work and i plan on joining employer B on 26th feb (transfer petition already approved). So there is a one week gap between the last and first dates and i plan on using those days to relocate myself to the state where employer B is is located. Will be i out of status for these 7 days ? Or is it legally allowed to do so ? (This is a cross country move so i need at least few days off)
  5. The Other Guy

    H1B - Visa Cancellation letter from FPUHyderabad

    Ddi they tell you what is the reason for revoking your visa ?
  6. The Other Guy

    Filing H1B Visa working with staffing agency

    You cannot file your own H1B petition. An employer has to file the h1b petition. I guess your current employer can file for you. As of my knowledge, the attorney can be from any state.
  7. The Other Guy

    h1 transfer denied and i94 already expired

    What is your job code ? wage level ? educational background ? Is this an entry level position ?
  8. The Other Guy

    Is H1b Petition Valid or Not?

    How can YOU apply for an H1 petition for your wife? Some legit employer has to apply. If you have the receipt number (which the attorneys will get once the application is accepted), you can check the status online.
  9. The Other Guy

    H1B Denial

    What was the reason for denial ? If this was an H1 transfer, you can find a new employer who can file a new transfer petition with solid documentation.
  10. The Other Guy

    Urgent help, B.Tech vs US Masters question

    Looks like you have masters in the field you are working on. Keep in mind that you can still get approval for IT jobs with mech background, if your documentation is solid. There are jobs which involves both computers and aspects of mechanical engineering. If you are into such a job, your attorney will not have any problems to create the supporting documentation. Unfortunately there are not many jobs like that! If your job falls in to the normal software development category (ex : Web apps development/database administrator/SAP consultant etc), your attorney should create some solid documentation explaining how your degree in mechanical engineering is relevant for your programmer job. First convince your direct manager that you are adding value to the team and he should be able to convince his and everything will be taken care.
  11. The Other Guy

    LCA and H1 transfer- shutdown

    From what i read on internet, LCA's won't be processed, but H1B transfer petitions (with LCA which were certified before shutdown) will be processed.
  12. The Other Guy

    Opt extension denied; H1 denied; Options

    What is the reason for denial ?
  13. What was the reason USCIS sent you notice to revoke your H1 ? What action triggered it ?
  14. The Other Guy

    H1B Extn Denied-valid I94

    What is the reason for denial ?
  15. The Other Guy

    H1B Transfer denied, out of job, I 94 still valid

    What status are you in from May 2017 then ?