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    Leaving U.S. when I539-EOS is pending

    All, I found out today that a notice of RFE for my I-539 EOS is being sent my way. I applied before my I-94 expires but since I’m too close now to the expiration date of the I-94, I decided to go out of the U.S and back in like I had done in previous years when renewing my I-94. My questions are: When I depart the US will this count as a withdrawal of my case, or do I have to formally withdraw it by sending the letter to USCIS? Will it count as a withdrawal or a denial because I abandoned the application? Understanding which term applies to my case is truly important since I’m concerned about ny re-entry into the U.S. I decided to leave and come back in before the I-94 expires because I wanted to be in compliance and not overstay. And I didn’t know the I-539 could take so long 6-9 months is what I found out after I had applied. I would greatly appreciate if I can receive an answer before I leave next Friday December 1st 2017. Thank you very much!