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  1. venkateshmeesala

    One year extension beyond H1B max out period

    Sorry for not being clear with the scenario. Here is my complete situation. My current H1B expires in September 2020 and have used 4 years of max 6 years allowed. My lawyers have filed for 3 years extension (2 years of H1B pending + 1 year extension based on approved PERM citing that PERM has been filed 365 days before my H1B max out date). I got RFE asking to explain 3rd year of extension. My I 140 was approved when H1B extension was pending. Since I 140 was not approved at the time of filing of H1B extension, am I eligible for 3rd year based on approved PERM? or is there a chance where USCIS rejects the application and asks to refile?
  2. USCISs guidelines states: 8 CFR §214.2(h)(13)(iii)(D)(5): Advance Filing. May file for an H-1B extension beyond 6 years within 6 months of the requested start date. May file before 365 days have elapsed as long as the LC or IV petition is filed at least 365 days prior to the date the period of authorization will take effect. May request time remaining in 6 years, including recapture time, at the same time as requesting a 1-year AC21 extension. Should PERM be filed 365 days before H1B max out period or 365 days before filing for H1B extension? I have 2 years remaining on H1B and claiming extension for third year based on approved PERM (filed October 2019). Any help is appreciated. Thank You
  3. venkateshmeesala

    Wrong filing for 7th year

    Hello, I am on my 4th year of H1B and current status expires on 09/24/2020. My employer filed for my extension for 3 years which is 1 year beyond my maxed out period. I have approved PERM but my I 140 application is sent out to USCIS with premium processing (dont have receipt yet). I got a RFE from USCIS for my extension asking to explain the third year as I only have PERM approved doesn't satisfy the requirement. As I dont have approved I 140 my lawyer is going to reply stating typographical error and asking for 2 years of approval. She said USCIS may not consider third year even if I get I 140 approved as it was not approved at the time of filling. Does someone know if that is a legible reply or there are chances that USCIS will deny the petition and ask to refile? I am worried because of the short time I have on my H1B. Thank you in advance
  4. venkateshmeesala

    DS 160 present employer

    Hello,I am working as a full time with my employer but my employer has 2 different locations in US. They mentioned their main location in LCA in "Employer Information" section and mentioned the second location (where I work) in "Place of Employment" section. While filling DS 160, which address should I mention in "Present employer" section and "where do you intend to work?" in "Temporary work visa" section?Thank You in advance