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  1. ramkrishna 1

    H1B COS

    Hi Attorney, Yesterday I got an Email from my Employer that my H1B Got Approved and here are the details that were Mentioned in Email. Beneficiary: ******DOB: **/**/****Classification sought: H1BStarting Validity Date: 10/01/2019Ending Validity Date: 11/30/2019Consulate notified (if applicable): HYDERABADI-94 # (if applicable): ********* What does this Mean, Does my Change of Status Denied from F1 To H1B?Do I need to go to India for Stamping? When I called my School DSO She told me that my Sevis is Still Active! Can anyone Help me What does this Mean by? Thanks, Ram.
  2. ramkrishna 1

    H1 To F1

    Good morning.Hope you are doing good today! 1. H1B candidate wants to join for Masters. What are the options? If he wants to take day 1 CPT? Is he needs to Change Status from H1 TO F1? What are the Steps that we need to take to Convert from H1 to F1? 2. H1B denied and I94 expired. Denied H1B case reopened and filled another H1B with a different employer. In this situation is he eligible to join Masters? In both scenarios is IELT's mandatory? Thanks ,
  3. ramkrishna 1

    Receipt number on I20

    USCIS Accreditation issue.I graduated after my University lost Accreditation.
  4. ramkrishna 1

    Receipt number on I20

    Attorney, My employer filed my H1 under General Quota Because of my School issue. I am having a question even I do get the Receipt number on my I20?If my H1 GOT picked? I am planning to request I20 From school
  5. ramkrishna 1

    How to check SEVP Portal for H1B Status

    This takes a long time, my OPT Status is about to end I need to look for other alternatives.
  6. Attorney, I came to know from few Friends that they are Checking SEVP Portal (Under Employment Tab) to check whether There H1B got picked for 2019. Is this true? If anyone knows about it could you please explain the procedure and please provide the link. Thanks, Ram
  7. Attorney, Good morning.Hope you are doing good today. I am having a small question I need your guidance.I graduated from ACICS Accredited University(NPU )While I was on initial OPT university lost ACICS Accreditation and University didn't give us I20 to apply for Extension. We lost the Benefit of 24 STEM OPT and I joined other University that grants DAY1 CPT.Now the University got Accreditation is there any way to gain my benefits of Extension OPT. when I contacted my NPU DSO they are not responding.Is there any way to help us.?There are almost 2 to 3 Thousand students got affected. https://www.murthy.com/2018/04/04/newsflash-acics-regains-recognition-accrediting-agency/ Thanks, Ram.
  8. ramkrishna 1


    Attorney, Can you please Explain the latest memo that was released by USCIS Regarding Filling Multiple H1B's?. What was the case if two different employers sponsor for a single employee with two different jobs, ie one may be the further employee and other may be with client letter and those two employers are not related to each other for this case is there any impact with the latest memo released by USCIS? Thanks, Ram.
  9. ramkrishna 1

    Moving to Canada from US

    Hi friends, Right now I am on CPT and my H1B is under processing and am planning to move to Canada if my H1B got denied.If anyone know the process please guide me. Thanks in Advance.
  10. What was the date that u need to respond for your RFE?

  11. ramkrishna 1

    Delay in Sending RFE Response

  12. Hi Friends my RFE Response got delayed, It went with one day late to USCIS OFFICE Due to Courier. Does USCIS accept my Response?Has anyone faced this kind of situation? Please find Solutions? Thanks in Advance.
  13. ramkrishna 1

    Delayed in sending RFE response

    Has anyone faced this kind of issue?.Will you help in finding the solution?
  14. Hi, friends my H1B RFE response delivered to Uscis service center one day late due to courier delay.Is there any way we can handle the issue.? Can we file a case on courier service?Please help me . Thanks in Advance
  15. Hi, Have you done with any Evaluations etc to handle this RFE?I am just done with Education Evaluation? any guidance will be appreciated.