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  1. Guy,i have been offered as FTE with new company and they have transferred by h1b, but i haven't joined that company yet. their legal is saying if you want to join for new company then you need to get it stamped from abroad due to supersede situation in my case( i mean , my full company approval got before current employer approval , both approval after i-94 expired so current employer supersede with new employer ). Question: 1) what will be my present employer details in ds-160 ?2) they asked me to provide employment verification letter one week before my interview so that beings said I?ll be officially their employees , so in fact I?ll be working for my current employer , do you think that might be an issue ?3) if anything goes wrong with stamping with new employer still I can come back on my current employer , right ?thanks,Maulik
  2. Guys, need your help to understand scenario !! my h1 b is approved for only two months due to SOW was until this DEC. so my current employer is filling extension next week. meantime i have offer from new employer and they are also start doing process for my h1 b transfer. my new employer is not ready to allow me work on receipt notice so obviously i need to stick with my current employer. Question: 1) what if extension/transfer gets approved first with my new employer before my current employer extension ? do i need to travel abroad to get it stamped in order to activate h1 b with new employer ? 2) what in the case of reverse situation that mentioned in step 1( current approved first and later new employer then) ? 3) what will be happened if my current employer gets denied first before approved with new employer and if new employer approved first then current employer gets denied then ? appreciate for all your help !! Thanks, Maulik
  3. Hi guys , i need urgent guidance from you !! I got know from my employer today that my H1b got approved until 12/31/18 (for 2 months ). only. so I have couple question regarding this one. 1) if my employer will file extension for me, but lets say If something wrong with extension then can I switch over CPT(based upon pre-admission through University) ? not being negative but just thinking for other side of the coin too. 2) i have full time offer from company X and then if they start transfer process for h1 b from current company Y then I believe it may take 3 months which will cross my current approval date, so after 12/31 while transfer is being pending , can I stay in USA and work after 12/31 based upon Application receipt notice for new employer X ? if X company is allowed me to work until they gets approval for transfer case then can i allow to work during grace period base upon transfer receipt (considering that Y company is not filing extension for me)? because if Y company is file extension and X company start doing transfer then if it approved through X company then even i have to wait for Y company extension approval notice . 3) can i get grace period for transfer application with new employer ? 4) what could be best feasible option to work with such issue ? Thanks , Mike
  4. Guys , My Fresh H1 b application is denied due to special occupation and i have filed H1 B appeal and it is pending since last 2 months , just wanted to know can i apply for new H1 B while My appeal is in pending state ???? any advice would be appreciated !! thanks , Mike
  5. guys , need your suggestion !! i got selected for h1 visa lottery in last spot and some how he got rejected after submitted job occupation RFE and my employer going to file appeal next week and as per USCIS it takes 3-6 months. currently i'm on OPT STEM extension , so would it be safe travel to INDIA (planning to JAN 2nd week)while i'm on OPT STEM and my appeal is under processing ??????????????? let me know what is your thought on it . thanks in advance !!
  6. hi Guys , hope someone can help me out here !! my employer has submitted RFE for job description in aug and got denial notice two weeks back from now . i don't get denial notice yet but it will be in couple of days . question : can i file MTR/Appeal ? if both option will feasible then which is advisable option ? how longs it takes in each case ? i'm planning to travel my country in Jan , so will that be safe to travel on OPT since my OPT is expired in Jan2k19? Thanks , Mike