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  1. My company lawyer confirmed that she can transfer from H4 to H1 based on I-140 approval.
  2. Hi, My wife was on H1 from Feb 2006 to June 2012. She got 1 year extension in Feb 2012 based on approved I-140. She went to India in May 2012 and went for stamping. Because the client contract was terminated, she had to withdrew the H1. She got H4 stamping this month (April 2013) If she comes back now, can she change her status from H4 to H1 again based on her old approved I-140. If that is not possible, Is it safe for her to come after a month, so it would be one year out of country and she will be eligible for fresh H1 next year. Please advise. Thanks, Manoj
  3. Hi, I have got H1 stamped in Aug and then moved to another client and location. Got the New LCA. still not filed H1-Amendment. My wife need to go for H4 stamping. Employer/lawyer advised to go for H4 only after H1 Amendment. Has Any one successfully got H4 stamping without H1-Amendment. Thanks, Manoj