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  1. raj0329

    DS 160 update needed or not

    Hi, Thanks for reply, but how would it get reflected with my new DS 160 number as I already scheduled interview(with old DS 160). Thanks
  2. raj0329

    H1b Stamping in Vancovur on 08/13/2018

    Any one coming next week( 12Aug-18Aug) to share accomodation? Thanks
  3. Hi, I have Visa stamping appointment in Canada in coming week. I booked this appointment 2 months ago with valid i94 till Sep 2018, meanwhile i travel outside US and reentered US(last week). Now, I am concerned whether am I supposed to submit new DS 160(travel history section) or would it work if i carry my latest i94 and travel history document(available from cbp website). Please advice Thanks
  4. Hi, Is there anybody who will be going for stamping in Vancovur on 13th Aug. I am looking for accommodation around that time. Thanks
  5. raj0329

    I797B without I94-Urgent Help needed

    Thanks for your reply. I am working with Emp B( from the time they got receipt number). Can I go to near by country for Visit and come back with new I797B and get new I94 at POE? Please help me in this regard. My attorney hasn't responded yet.
  6. Hi, I came to US with Emp A with valid Visa till Sep2018, but I resigned from Emp A and joined Emp B. They initiated transfer in May2017(since then i am on their payroll) and got approval in Nov2017(only I 129 got approved ,but not vaid I94). What Options does I have now? Should I leave US and re enter(without stamping and new I94 at POE) Should I go through Consular process?(I have valid Visa in my passport with Emp A till Sep 2018) How tough will it be in POE/Consulate? Am I Out of status now? Please help me in this regard.
  7. raj0329

    H1b approval without I94

    Am I currently in out of status(my I-94 with old employer is till Sep-17).
  8. raj0329

    H1b approval without I94

    Thanks for your suggestion, To clarify further more, Do I need to go to stamping? If so, can i go to any country(cananda/mexico/Belize) or is it mandatory to go Home country ?
  9. raj0329

    H1b approval without I94

    Hi Experts, I was working with Employer A(Valid Visa stamped in passport till Jul-2018) and moved to Employer B(On Payroll From May-2017) and got I-797 approved till Jan-2020, but it has come without I-94. I have few questions now on this. - Can I travel out of country and enter with new I-797 without getting Visa stamped? - Should I/Employer request USCIS to issue I-797 with I94? -Is this altogether new amendment to be applied? Please advice as I have to plan my travel. Appreciate your help in advance