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Bindhu Balakrishnan

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  1. Bindhu Balakrishnan

    H1B Approved But Not Activated

    He has started to work from mid June. we are not sure as his approved petition is with his employer.
  2. Bindhu Balakrishnan

    H1B Approved But Not Activated

    I still didn't get. His employer hold his H1B paper . He got to know only the Starting Validity Date as 04/25/2019. His employer informed him that he will run payroll only mid of July as he started to work from mid of June. Will there be any issue in future if he didn't get a payroll before June 25th ?
  3. Bindhu Balakrishnan

    H1B Approved But Not Activated

    Hi, Asking for a friend, his H1B reactivation (Cap exempt) approved in the mid of April.He is currently in USA. 1) Is his h1b gets activated only when his employer run payroll? 2)Is it safe to wait until July mid to get his H1B activated(to run payroll) ? 3) He comes under 60 days grace period rule? Thanks
  4. Bindhu Balakrishnan

    H1B Cap FY 2020

    I got my H1B issued on 2012 and worked 1year in my H1B (Jan 2013-Dec2013).my visa was expired on March 2016. I have 5years left on my H1B.Now I am on H4,please clarify my queries 1)Am I eligible for cap exempt ? 2) Is there any premium processing for cap exempt cases ?
  5. Bindhu Balakrishnan

    H1B Re-Activation

    My H1B was issued in 2012 for 10 months validity (validity from 2012 to 2013).I worked in the USA in 2013 and applied for extension which got extended till 2016 (second i797 validity from 2013 to 2016). I've 2- I797 documents . My questions is, Till which year my petition is valid? Is it valid till 2018(considering old i797) or 2019(considering latest i797) ? PS: I worked in the USA for only one year(in 2013),I have 5 years left.