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  1. No issues.. they can come with GC (you can send card with known friends or your self).
  2. Lokesh123

    H-4 Visa Denied 2nd time ( employed on H-4 EAD)

    How did she go for L1B stamping when she had H4 EAD?. Was she in US with H4 EAD and the went to India for work and then applied for L1B stamping..?! Sorry not getting clear info based on above info..
  3. Lokesh123

    When can I file my I 485?

    If its EB2 India, probably your turn to submit AOS will come after 100 years (assuming current law remains as is).
  4. When family is involved, its not always practical to just leave country and file new petition from outside US. Thats why law was /will be made to resubmit documentation and wait for decision. Not always, USCIS gives 100% accurate decisions. They are also humans.
  5. Lokesh123

    H1B - Back to Old Employer

    U can go back to old employer... but will he pay for the period you were with new employer?.. Else he needs to initiate transfer only.
  6. Lokesh123

    EAD/AP Renewal and GC approved.

    why are you worried about EAD/AP when u get GC?
  7. Lokesh123

    New memo on NTAs dated 28th-June-18

    Denial notice will come after 1-2 weeks. How would beneficiary will know in advance?.
  8. Lokesh123

    New memo on NTAs dated 28th-June-18

    NTA will be issued only if you overstay.. After H1 extn denial, there is reasonable days to leave country (1-3 weeks).
  9. Lokesh123

    Change of Status - H1b to H4

    what were you doing since 2016?. Her AOS might be in question.. Consult an attorney...
  10. Lokesh123

    Medical Docs Question for GC Filing

    Chart B is not valid for EB cases. Interesting and you r lucky that they accepted your application... Medical u can submit during interview..
  11. Lokesh123

    H1 Amendment issue - Urgent response needed

    How did you work in new client location without amendment?.
  12. Lokesh123

    H1B Amendment

    Why filled amendment if its within same MSA?
  13. Isn't AP/EAD denied and AOS will continue in above case, assuming H4 is valid/stamped on passport?.
  14. Question: Submitted AOS last week EB3I PD. H1 amendment received RFE 2 days back (old location LCA/H1 extn approved and VISA stamped till June 2019). RFER due in 60 days. What option available if amendment is denied after 60+60 days, assuming USCIS respond in 6o days (normal processing)?.
  15. Lokesh123

    H1 extension denied

    Whats your GC status?. Didnt you apply for AOS already?