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  1. Hi Goutham Can you please let us know what documents were submitted to tackle this rfe ? Thanks Babu
  2. what is the SOC code on your LCA ?
  3. Babu17

    H1 extn denied, If approved. Drop Box

    Can you please let us know the reason for denial. Yes if it is approved and if you are eligible for dropbox then u can.
  4. Babu17

    H1b extension denied and i94 expired

    Hi Ish Can I please know the reason for denial ? 1.Yes you can ask for a appeal. 2. Check with a your attorney. People in this forum we saying that you could stay upto 30-60 days but not exactly sure. 3. Yes 5.Chances differ from case to case. Babu
  5. Babu17

    H1 Denial Appeal

    Hi Naresh Can you please tell the reason for the denial ? Yes you can apply in 2018 quota while your MTR is in progress.
  6. Babu17

    RFE for Specialty Occupation

    Hi Guys Can you please help me out I am in a similar situation. Did you reply to rfe ? If it is approved or not ? Thanks Babu
  7. Hi I am in the same boat can you guys please let me know if you replied for the RFE. Thanks Babu
  8. Hi Kiran I have received a similar RFE can you please let me know what all details you have submitted while applying for the consular processing H1. Thanks babu
  9. Babu17

    H1B1 extension denied

    Hi Sorry to here about your denial's, can you guys please share why your H1-B was denied it might help us out.
  10. Babu17

    RFE- Specialty Occupation query for my perition

    hi mbk_123 Can I please know your education qualifications and what was the reason for denial. I have received a similar rfe so just wanted to check. Thanks babu
  11. Hi Did you reply to you rfe ? I am also in a similar situation can you please let me know what documents did u submit. Thanks sarathi
  12. Babu17

    Area of Specilization and wagelevel RFE

    Hi Ram I received a similar RFE can you please let me know if you already replied to you rfe or how are you planning to approach this ?. Thanks Sarathi
  13. Babu17

    RFE for Specialty Occupation

    Hi Venkat I have received the same query can you please forward me all sample details you have responded for the RFE Thanks Babu