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  1. I moved from H1-B to H4 recently. I went to India and got my H4 Visa and stamp. My husband has an approved I-40 that was issued before 6 months. But, he doesn't have a copy of the I-140. He only has the receipt number. He has applied for FOIA to receive a copy of his I-140 but there is a long wait time. 1) My husband is currently working with company A which is not releasing the copy of his I-140. They have agreed to file for my H4 EAD through an attorney and they will submit my husband's I-140 copy along with my EAD application. 2) My husband also has an offer from company B. They are going to file for his H1-B transfer in premium processing with just the I-140 receipt number. Can we apply for my H4 EAD through company B along with his H1-B transfer? Please Note - A) I am NOT applying for Change of Status to H4 and am applying for the stand-alone EAD application only. B) My husband is not applying for H1-B extension as he recently got his 3 years extension. He is applying for H1-B transfer only 3) Can we apply for two H4 EAD applications - option 1 (with current company A along with I-140 copy) and option 2 (with future company B with only I-140 receipt number)? If not, which option is better? Thank you for your help in advance.
  2. Hi, my brother applied for visitor Visa with my grad walk invitation letter in 2014. His visa got rejected as he was on an employment break to pursue PhD but later didn't join PhD. He continued with his previous job (senior product specialist and business communications trainer) after 3 months break. He was single and 29 years old at that time. I was his sponsor when he applied first time. He currently earns 30,000 INR per month and has 5 lakhs plus in his bank account. He is 31 years old now, married and has a son of 1.5 years old. He is trying for visitor visa second time. I have a 3 month old daughter. What is the recommended travel reason in this situation for better acceptance chances. 1) Meeting 3 month old niece. Use my invitation letter with my assurance that he will return to India. Self sponsor. 2) Apply through a travel agency as part of a group travel. Assurance by travel agency that he will return to India. Self sponsor. I heard that option 2 has better chances as the travel agency will take responsibility. Is that true? Appreciate your help