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  1. Hi, This is my situation. Initially applied for H-1B transfer from company A to company B in regular process. But it got denied on OCT 25th. By that time our H-1B & H4 I-94 is expired (Expiry Date is 13-AUG-2017). Later company B applied for H-1B consular process in premium and it got approved with new I-94 valid from NOV 27 for H-1B. Please note that here company B didn't file H4 after H-1B got denied. Now company B trying to apply H4 with new approved H-1B. But I have below questions. 1) Is H4 Out Of status being counted from the date of I-94 expiry (13-AUG-2017) or from the day of H-1 denial (25-OCT-2017) ? 2) If USCIS denies H4 and spouse is beyond 180 days in out of status, will there be any issue? I assume if USCIS decision does not come before she attained 180 days and later if H4 gets denied, will she be incurred any loss? 3) Since company B filling H4 separately, how long does it take usually to get the decision?
  2. Hi Raj, Mine is not wage level RFE. It's on speciality occupation. In your case, apply new H1B with same employer for same position with Level wage 2 . Different employer also can do but they need to initiate fresh LCA with same level 2 wages.
  3. Hi, I did my educational evaluation through Fordham University. They are good in evaluating education and experience. Their evolution helped me to get it approved.
  4. Hi, Initially my employer B filed a H1B transfer from employer A in regular processing in April 2017 and had a RFE in MAY 2017 on speciality occupation. Employer B responded to RFE in AUG 2017 but USCIS denied it on OCT 25, 2017. By that time my I-94 had expired (Aug 13, 2017 is expiry date). After couple of days, employer B refiled a new H1B petition in Premium processing through consular process on NOV 16 and got approved on NOV 24 with validity from NOV 27, 2017 to NOV, 2020. My question is... 1) How many days I was in Out Of Status? 2) Will I be in status from NOV 27 ? 3) Since I don't have I-94 and need to leave USA to get Visa stamped, May I know how long it takes to receive hardcopy of I-797 after approval? 4) Will there be any much scrutinization at Visa stamping or Port of entry due to having Out of Status? Are they any recommended answers to handle questions on Out Of Status?
  5. Hi, I just wanted to know whether I can be eligible for Drop box or should go for Visa Interview. My initial H1B and I-94 is valid with Company A till Aug 13, 2017. In May 2017, I applied H1B transfer through regular processing with Company B. But it got denied in OCTOBER 2017. Immediately Company B applied a new H1B in premium processing which got approved today on 24 NOV 2017. In this situation, Should I go for Visa interview or Am I eligible for Drop box?
  6. Quick update... My Visa got approved in premium processing now. A great relief. Thanks for your guidance.
  7. kiran436

    H1B1 extension denied

    Hi Santhu, I am also in same boat. From your above post, I see that 30 days period to wrap up the things. Did you check on this with your employer or attorney? Is this 30 day period starting from the day of hard copy of denial notice?
  8. kiran436

    H1 Transfer RFE

    Hi... It takes two weeks to get it in the post. Though it is premium processing, RFE notice will be sent in regular post. Be prepared for Speciality Occupation query which is very common RFE now a days. Do you have non Computers background?
  9. Hi, Due to increase in H1B extension/transfer denials recently, everyone is seeking possible options to maintain status in USA after H1B denial and I-94 expiry. Also, please note that if you have valid I-94, you could use 60 days grace period to get your status again through same or different employer (Premium processing is the best option). In case of any H1B denial, you should stop working from the day of hard copy of denial notice and you shouldn't get paid in accordance with the regulatory rules.
  10. kiran436


    Yes. You can stay since your I-94 is still valid. But you should stop working during this period.
  11. Hi Murthy, My earlier evolution couldn't describe the computer subjects that I studied. This time we have taken new educational evolution from new firm. They stated that Electronics degree also covers similar computer courses. Am waiting for decision on my new H1B which is filed in premium.
  12. Sorry to hear that. Only option 1 is the best at this time. Appeal can't give any status to work.
  13. kiran436

    H1B MTR and consequent new petition

    Yes. Employer can file without waiting on MTR. Why did USCIS deny two times? Did his employer submit educational or Experience evaluation for speciality occupation query?
  14. Murthy. I did bachelor's in electronics not in Masters. Educational evolution can be done from any of the US Universities to give their opinion or recommendation to USCIS on my skills, experience and education. It serves as an additional evidence to strengthen my H1B to get it approved. Hope you are clear now.
  15. Hi Shir, Initially I got RFE on the educational background later it got denied. Yes, I did the educational evaluation for my experience and education but USCIS couldn't satisfy with that. So after denial, my employer refiled a petition in premium processing with new educational evaluation, former employer experience letter and expert opinion letters. So, waiting for the decision. When did your friend applied H1B and got approved? I could see cases being scrutinized after OCT 23rd.