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  1. Hi All, My h1b extension is approved on my employer's office address and I am working for Client A from my employer's office address which is in state A. Both offices are in the same city and have 10-12 miles distance. My project is about to change and the new client office is in State B but due to COVID I have to start working for Client B from my current location which is in State A. Since my petition is approved on my current location and I will start working for Client B from my current location so I need your suggestion, do I need to file an amendment in that case or LCA should be fine? Thanks
  2. Hi All, Its being 4 months completed to file my dependents extension still biometric is not done due to long waiting and I am not sure when I will get the biometric appointment letters and maybe due to that approval won't come within 240 days. Can H4 dependents stay after 240 days if the H1B applicant extension is approved? Thanks
  3. Hi All, I work on a third party site and my H1B extension is filed on Aug 2020. My question is, Is new H1B rules applicable to existing H1B extension cases which are filed before Oct 08th. Please suggest. Thanks
  4. ravi0605

    H1B Amendment Guidelines Doubt

    Can some please share his/her personal views.
  5. Hi All, Our client office is changed from X location to Y location within the 12 miles in same county and we have our company office as well at Z location in same county and it is 5 miles far from X location.My extension is filed for X location. I want to know do i need to file amendment as well for Y & Z locations or we can work on X location's LCA. Kindly suggest. Thanks
  6. I am from India came in USA in July 2017 on H1B visa.My H1B petition was expired on 30-Sep-2017 along with my Visa and my I-94 also expired on 10-Oct-2017.My extension is filled already and extension result is about to come. My question is : Can I apply for driver licence on the basis of approved valid petition I-797 along with expired visa and expired I-94.I have SSN and electricity bills and lease agreement. Or Do I have to go back to my country and come again to apply for driver licence. Kindly confirm. STATE : Wisconsin Thanks
  7. ravi0605


    Hi All, I got RFE for my H1B extension.I want to know if it is denied what will happen to my H1B.Do I need to go to again in lottery.kindly confirm. Thanks