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    H1B Amendment Guidelines Doubt

    Can some please share his/her personal views.
  2. Hi All, Our client office is changed from X location to Y location within the 12 miles in same county and we have our company office as well at Z location in same county and it is 5 miles far from X location.My extension is filed for X location. I want to know do i need to file amendment as well for Y & Z locations or we can work on X location's LCA. Kindly suggest. Thanks
  3. I am from India came in USA in July 2017 on H1B visa.My H1B petition was expired on 30-Sep-2017 along with my Visa and my I-94 also expired on 10-Oct-2017.My extension is filled already and extension result is about to come. My question is : Can I apply for driver licence on the basis of approved valid petition I-797 along with expired visa and expired I-94.I have SSN and electricity bills and lease agreement. Or Do I have to go back to my country and come again to apply for driver licence. Kindly confirm. STATE : Wisconsin Thanks
  4. ravi0605


    Hi All, I got RFE for my H1B extension.I want to know if it is denied what will happen to my H1B.Do I need to go to again in lottery.kindly confirm. Thanks