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  1. Schand16

    Travelling while H1B transfer in process

    I regularly follow this forum for various inputs. Now, am approaching for one of my situation that came up all of sudden, I have valid VISA till 05/31/2019 and an employee of ABC firm. Last month I got an offer from XYZ employer, I have accepted and had initiated my H1B transfer with XYZ employer. Two days ago only I have recieved my Receipt number, expecting days or month for final decision. But, unfortunately I may have to travel to India for personal reason in next 10 days. In this case: A) can I travel back to US with my current VISA that I have from ABC Employer?. B) If I cant or my reentry would be questioned at POE, what would be preparations?. C) I can only be enter US after I get my new petition and get VISA accordingly?.