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  1. I am in similar situation , did any one of you got any update. your response is highly appreciated. Thanks, Vinod
  2. Vk1009


    Hello Everyone, Good Evening. I am on post completion OPT untill 05/07/2018. I applied for my opt extension 5 weeks back and checking the status , untill yesterday status was shown as 'case received' but when i checked status today it reads as 'correspondence was received and uscis is reviewing it. I havent neither got any email or mail from uscis to submit additional documents nor i have not expidited the application process. Anyone with similar situation please share your experience which will give some relief. Thanks in advace, Regards, vk
  3. Vk1009

    DUI - Applying for OPT STEM Extension

    Yes, am done with my classes and paid all fines. When I checked with people most of them said that’s the least . I will be applying my opt extension within 1 month form now . I have to request for early dismissal though
  4. Vk1009

    DUI - Applying for OPT STEM Extension

    Hello There, I would like to know possible outcomes on my case. Your help is highly appreciated. Im on my 12 month opt and will be going to apply for extension early 2018. 1) I was pulled over for a dui in August 2017, I had my court arraignment in September. I was asked to go through diversion program with fines. I am on 12 months probation. My question is i won’t be able to get my case dismissed before probation though I will be finishing all classes and pay all fines before early 2018. What happens to opt extension if we don’t we a disposition from court ( I know this varies from case to case ) 2) IF my employer sponsers for h1b what would be the consequences for dui ? Thanks,