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  1. I am in the process of getting a divorce from my spouse and I applied for citizenship recently after consulting with a lawyer who has suggested that I should not face any problems due to the divorce. BUT, I wanted a second opinion (please be gentle with me) from the forum's members, so here goes: 1) I was the primary applicant on an EB-2 petition (Country of Birth: India) with a priority date of Jan 2011. 2) I got married to my husband in 2009 and he came on an H-4 visa (Country of Birth: Germany) in the same year. 3) We filed for our green cards and got them at the same time in June 2012, using the cross-chargeability rule. 4) This year (2017), we decided to get an uncontested divorce (amicable) as our marriage was not working out. The process was stressful, but we parted in peace. I have three questions with the situation at hand: Q. 1) If somebody has been through a citizenship interview, could they shed some light on what questions that I might be asked, considering my unique (or not so unique) situation? Q. 2) I have reviewed the USCIS website for documents and supporting evidence to take to the interview. Does anybody have any words of advice? Q. 3) I have hired an immigration lawyer to be with me during the whole citizenship process and the interview process. It is not the Murthy firm, but should I have gone with them? Regards, Jitu.