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  1. Still did not receive any approval notice. Will I be allowed to work after 240 days if I did not receive approval notice by then. The USCIS website still states that my case is approved. Reached out to contact center and the person mentioned that soft copy of approval notice should have been there under Documents tab (USCIS online account). Is it correct?
  2. As per USCIS case status website, my I129 petition was approved on 12/23/2020. It was regular processing. We still have not received Physical Approval Notice for the same. It has been more than 40 days since the approval. Is it normal these days? My 240 days work authorization is going to end in April. Does USCIS send the mail on the same day of approval?
  3. anks88

    Apply EB2 after 5.5 Yrs H1B

    L1A requires one year of managerial experience outside of USA so do I need to wait for 1Yr before filing my petition for L1A?
  4. My H1B duration would be complete (6 years including recapture time) during the first week of May, 2018. My company is giving me an option to file for EB2 in Dec, 2017 or they are ready to file for L1A after I return to my country. Need to know the options that I might have. I read on your website only that the applicant can leave the United States after 6 years completion and return on a 1 year H1B after LC reached the 365 day point. Also, using this option does not make the individual subject to the H1B cap and lottery. So lets say my LC is pending for 365 days till next December, will I be eligible for 1 year H1B in December, 2018?