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  1. Could you please someone suggest, how to apply H4 for my newly born baby who is in outside US now(INDIA). How apply Visa stamping for him? I have valid visa stamping till Aug 2020. Now I changed company do I need go for visa stamping again. my son will get stamping based on my new I707 right. If we go for visa stamping for son(may be all family) am I eligible for drop box? Please suggest. Thanks..
  2. TVS999

    H1 B Transfer

    I have asked them many times, but they said its Company-owned petition, so will not be shared. Its not consultancy, its US product base company.
  3. TVS999

    H1 B Transfer

    My new Employer filed H1 transfer but they have't shared me receipt number, is there any possibility to track my case. Please help.
  4. TVS999

    Two H1 transfers same time

    Hi I am working in Company A. I have applied for Company B, H1 transfer(Premium in progress). and Now I have got another offer Company C. Can I transfer my H1 b to company C with Company A I-797 which valid? now a days may of them going to RFE if suppose any one of them gets RFE any problem with other process? I wanted to Join Company C but in worst case I will join Company B. Please suggest.
  5. Hi, I working in Company A, got good offer in Company B. Company B filed my H1 B Transfer in Premium, waiting for approvals. Now I got Offer in my Earlier Client Company C. As I wanted to join Company C now. But Company C takes another 2/3 weeks to file my case, by the time I hope I will get approvals for the company B, then Immediately I need to join company B. Confusion is, Can I file H1 B transfer as mentioned above, both B & C filing with A docs. If I join Company B, can I join to Company C after C approval? Please suggest.
  6. TVS999

    Is it safe to stay if lost job (Hi b)

    Employer will pay Severance pay on lay off, but not sure its mandatory or not, please confirm so that can with employer.
  7. How long we can stay US , suppose if the if NO job. Heard some thing like, If any employer layoff an employee(FTE), employer should pay 2/3 months salary, some one said its a labor in US. not sure is it true or not, if any any body has idea on this, Please help to how to proceed to check with employer to get this done. Please suggest Thanks in Advance.
  8. TVS999

    H1 B Regular process time

    I already asked my HR, they said converting to premium fall into rfe again, instead if we wait for another months, there are chances for approval. Not sure have to wait or go for premium.
  9. TVS999

    H1 B Regular process time

    u got some response ref at least on Aug 11th, but mine is 4 months completed. but no status update.
  10. TVS999

    H1 B Regular process time

    Thanks for replay, my case(vermont) is completed 4 months, once of my colleague completed 4.5 months but not yet received approval. I am traveling to India due to some emergency, so by the time I travel back.it should be approved. suggest please.
  11. TVS999

    Travel - H1 transfer regular in progress

    Thanks for reply, unfortunately my company delaying to convert premium, but I have to travel. please let me what the process to come back. Even my Visa stamping also not valid. So as soon as I get approval I have to attend for visa stamping too.
  12. H1 B Transfer in Regular applied on 15 Aug 2017. its not yer approved, but due to some emergency, travelling to India. Attorney said that,I can travel but I have to come after H1 B approved only. Attorney suggested not go for Premium because many of the premium case going to RFE status now. Let me know if any body applied around July/Aug 2017, got approval ? In general what is processing time, when can I expect approval. without approval I can't travel back to US. Thanks in advance.
  13. Currently my H1 transfer regular is in progress, I got receipt number and waiting for approval. Can I travel out of US, and come back to US?