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  1. check with the HR dept of your company. From what I know a major event( marriage/ job loss of spouse / child birth etc) in life will allow you to make changes .
  2. Joef, isn’t original I 797 a requied for visa stamping n at port of entry ?
  3. Talk to Murthy Law firm lawyers. Meanwhile get an official letter from her obstetrician about travel restrictions for medical reasons.
  4. can you be on h1 without a full time job?
  5. No your petition is not valid. Your employer was required to revoke the visa if you did not work for them. You will need a new h1b petition filed & approved to work in the US. More imp dont use shady consultancies just to get h1visa coz it could land you in unforeseen trouble.
  6. You can apply until it is officially rescinded. Outcome of application would be uncertain since changes are coming. I would suggest go ahead and apply if you or your spouse needs it without wasting time.
  7. Report employer A for fraudulent practices. Even if you find another employer you may still face problems n have lot of explaining to about time spent under employer A. Dont jeopardize your chances by sticking to fraudulent sponsors ,find a legit employer for next gig. Good luck
  8. Employers wont pay for premium process. If u are able to shell out abt 1k , contact your lawyer and request Premium processing
  9. There is lot of uncertainty around this and best is to discuss it with an immigration lawyer due to time constraints.
  10. Ask your lawyer if you can upgrade the application under premium processing? Would cost you extra bucks but would be worth it .
  11. Why are you afraid of asking for copy of paystubs ?? Unless your employer is shady there is no reason why you cannot have a copy of the pay stubs . Talk to ur HR to find out if there is an online portal where you could access it.
  12. your sister does not need a sponsor. She can apply for visitor visa herself n if approved can come stay with you for a maximum of 6 months. Better not state help during pregnancy as a reason for visit as it may be misinterpreted as wanting to 'work' .
  13. Dont you have paystubs while you were working on OPT?
  14. Its best to apply go for visa extension using premium processing before your planned travel so you have valid reciept /approval notice on return at Port of entry. You will not need visa stamping again until feb2018 even if u extend the visa .
  15. Hope you working for an employer who follows visa laws and not some shady consultancy that was using you n giving you a false hopes of american dream. With the recent changes h1/l1 renewals are going to be stricter than before. If your SSN & credentials are legit there is no reason why it wud not go through. have your employer re do the background check.