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  1. vj123

    221g in Vancouver

    Hi All, Just wanted to post a final update on my case status. Interview date: 6th Oct Docs collected at interview: passport and I797 Case updated date: 27th Oct Passport received: 31st Oct. Number of working days: 17 days ( incl interview date) to receive passport During the interview, VO asked me general questions about my work and then asked my resume. Since I didn't have it handy, VO gave me a yellow 221g slip and asked me to submit the resume via email. After that it was the long, wait with no update until 27th Oct.
  2. vj123

    221g in Vancouver

    I was asked for my resume, which I didn't have at that time. So, I emailed to the email address provided in the 221g form soon after the interview on the same day (10/06). So for me- case created: Oct 4th. Interview on: Oct 6th Case last updated: Oct 6th No change after that. The ceac website shows " administrative processing"
  3. vj123

    H1b Visa stamping Vancouver- PIMS update

    I have question w.r.t this topic - I got 221g recently when I went to Vancouver for my renewal stamping. During the interview, the VO asked me for my resume and since I didn't have it at that time, I emailed them soon after the interview. However, my status is still showing "Administrative Processing" and has been more than 10 working days (incl date of interview). So, how do I know if my case was due to PIMS or something else? The VO did not mention anything about PIMS etc during the interview. Pls let me know. Thanks!
  4. vj123

    221g in Vancouver

    @jam26 - did you get your passport stamped? Any update on your case?
  5. Yes, I had my visa renewal interview on Oct 6th and got 221g. I am stuck in Vancouver from Oct 6th waiting for my passport. @gc038 - Any update from you? Did you get back your passport?
  6. vj123

    221g in Vancouver

    Hi! I am also stuck in Vancouver with 221g. I had my interview for a visa renewal on 6th Oct and VO collected I-797 and passport. But gave me 221g yellow slip. The website still shows "Administrative Processing" and I am still waiting for my passport. Its been 10 working days and still not update. :( feeling very frustrated and helpless at this situation. Fwiw, this is the 3rd time visa renewal but 1st time in Vancouver. All other times, I got it done in India.