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  1. jam26

    221g in Vancouver

    Yes, I did, posted experience above.... feel free to message for any questions
  2. jam26

    221g in Vancouver

    Hi All, I got busy with company meetings on Friday. I just landed in USA today. Processing for my case took 14 working days. 2nd Oct: Interview VO: What do you do for XYZ company Me : Answered to the point in 2-3 sentences. VO: Ok, we need to do some more processing. Me: Is there any problem with the application. VO: No, we just need to do some extra processing. Can I see your I-797 and documents.It'll take at-least two weeks. You can take your passport if you want to travel elsewhere and come back when it's done. Took I-797, resume, bachelor's and master's transcripts and employment letter. I left my passport with the officer. Interview: 2nd Oct First update : 19th Oct: Administrative Processing (Oct 9th was holiday in Canada) Second update: 20th Oct (Friday AM) : Issued Pickup mail from Canada post : 23rd Oct (AM) At the immigration, the officers were strict with everyone. Their tone was authoritative. Officer : Where are you going ? Me: To City Name, I work there Officer : What visa are you on ? Me: H1-B Officer : How long did you stay in Canada ? Me: I came in on Oct 1st night Seems like things are slowly getting done to discourage H1's. We can only speculate, but probably my case was for them to check that there is no US person qualified for the job or the system triggered it due to a previous 221g on F-1. or, it may have been a random check as well, or something in my resume triggered TAL (PS: This could be possible) . I did speak to another person whose case was pretty clear cut. This is my H1-B renewal with the same company.
  3. jam26

    221g in Vancouver

    No, this is my 2nd one. First one was a breeze. This is for H1 extension with the same company, and it's a pretty big american company. I had got a 221g first time for F-1 though. That was cleared off in 4-5 days.
  4. jam26

    221g in Vancouver

    What does level 1 wage mean ? Does it depend on the position or the pay ? Where can you find this info ? I just checked my petition and my wage is on pretty much on the higher end of the required wage rate.
  5. jam26

    221g in Vancouver

    Nice :) ... For me the case status still shows appointment, and the DS-160 status still shows AP. There hasn't been any change since the interview day. Oct 2.
  6. jam26

    221g in Vancouver

    Yup, me too. Two weeks ago, Again not sure for what reason. Not much questions in interview other than What work you do...