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  1. savemeplz

    H1 to H4 Conversion

    I think you cannot file h4 for your spouse when you do not have h1 at all. Please find the right information with attorney otherwise you may land in soup, better not to go blindly with the advises from here, because your situation is time sensitive associated with legal issues.
  2. savemeplz

    Laid off while in india

    I know one of my friends friend travelled from Delhi to NY recently, check it out if there are any such flights. If you have a valid I-94 and visa you should be ok to travel later but there is a small risk associated, so why to take chances find out the options to travel asap. GOOD LUCK!
  3. savemeplz

    Stimulus cheque for H1B

    they can receive by check or direct deposit. Hope this helps!
  4. savemeplz

    Left US but received Stimulus payment

    You do not have to return your payment, this was not an error in any way, unless you get a double payment. Stimulus payment is not free money but the advance payment of your 2020 tax filing. So file your 2020 taxes next year you will be good, in case you do not have any income to report, just file the taxes without any income or consult tax filing company there are a bunch of them in the market. Do not worry much and do not think it is any error.
  5. you will be illegal after grace period and still stay in US, unless you move to F1/B1/H4 some other visa to stay here in US.
  6. savemeplz

    H1B 6 Years Exhausting in May 2020

    "My question is Will I be able to get a Non Cap H1-B extension after PERM and I140 is approved even if I am not in US by that time or I have to go through new H1B CAP process."You have to go through the H1b lottery process again...while you were actively working on h1b and if your PERM is due for more than 365+ days you are eligible for h1 extension for more than 6+ years
  7. But isn't that employers/lawyers responsibility....because how would h1b holders be held responsible for all these paper work..
  8. HI all this is for one of my friend... The situation is very unique, my 6 year h1b is finishing this oct 2020 but when my company A filed for h1b transfer last year where i am working right now i got the i 797 approved for 3 more years i.e till Jan 2022. the problem is my PERM has been filed recently by current Company A and I do not have previously approved PERM or I 140. so I have below two questions. 1) Shall I keep quiet, since I have approved h1b till Jan 2022, which is beyond 6 years of h1b, can I use that even though I do not have an active approved PERM / I 140 2) Do i have to inform my company A lawyers about my situation or it will create unneccasary chaos that will cause break in my work. did anyone face similar situation ? how did you deal and get through this dilemma ?
  9. Thanks for the reply...I will try that in meanwhile.....but is that wage level1 to wage level2 is ok to do that or anyone experienced similar situation and got approved?
  10. Hi I have been working for this consultancy for 6 years on h1, my current h1 expires next month. . they filed for an extension and received an rfe regarding wage level1. The law firm and my consulting company said these days wage level1 RFE is potential denial so they decided to file new lca with wage level2 and process my h1 extension. Is it really ok to do that, anyone with similar situation. please guide /suggest me.