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  1. 1 hour ago, Sachin777 said:

    Many people are getting the visas issued, but unfortunately they dont post their experiences here, the people who only post here the ones getting 221g's (which they arent too many) , just take all your docs with you, two ppl that I know of got 221g because they dint carry their resumes. Good Luck and dont forget to post your visa experiences.

    I didnt get 221g because I didnt have resume. Every interview is different, we cant assume and conclude on 1-2 cases. If I think about my interview I feel they already flagged my case.

  2. 14 hours ago, Sachin777 said:

    Yes I do see the same thing on my status. the case created was a day before I attended the interview. It must be a common thing I guess, by default it goes to Admin processing for everyone and then they will update it accordingly.  In my case no docs were asked.

    You dint find your CV in your petition? you mean you dint carry your resume?

    So silly of me to forget resume. BUt my confidence was I will have it in my petition and I didnt find in it. VO lady checked for me too still we couldnt find and very politely she said I can email it. Now I am more worried if it even get approved or will it take more longer than usual or something else. Its driving me crazy

  3. I had yesterday and strangely she asked for CV and I couldnt find it in my petition, she issued 221g yellow asked me to email it. My attorney says it is because they didnt request my PIMS and thatswhy they asked all that. Now I sent my CV but not sure when they will complete processing. Atleast you know it is PIMS mine is a guess. One thing when I check the status, it said it was created on day before my interview and updated was day of interview. Why did they open admin processing case before even I attended the interview-- I am not sure. 

    Do you see that on your application status?